Air Crash Sites

Air Crash Sites
Avro Anson LT741, air crash site on Black Combe


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  1. James says:

    I’ve been looking for photo’s of a crashed British World Airlines Vickers Viscount that came down in Drointon Woods south west of Uttoxeter on Feb 25 1994.
    I’ve found pre crash photo’s when the aircraft served with other operators and two pictures of wreckage in the AAIB hangar weeks after the crash, but as yet can’t find any of the actual crash site.
    Can anyone help?


  2. Trying to find date plane crashed on holly lodge playing field Liverpool

  3. D Wells says:

    I understand from more senior locals that a Spitfire crashed into my Field in 1945, after the war had just finished and as part of the “Wings for Victory Air Display” over Brighouse, West Yorkshire. Can’t find any further details though – any ideas ?

    • Ian D B says:

      Hi, it is not a crash I am aware of. I have looked at what records I have, and have just been looking through the book, “Seeing It Through – Halifax and Calderdale During World War II” by Peter Thomas and can find no reference to any such crash.

      However, there is a reference to a flypast of Spitfires over Elland, to raise money to ‘adopt’ a Spitfire. This was earlier in the war though, when such drives started and the people of Elland had raised £6,600 by November 1940 to buy a Spitfire.

      Doesn’t help with your query but might shed some light on how the story emerged?


  4. Allan young says:

    I live in Stsamford lincolnshire which boarders Rutland I am trying to find the actual crash site of a Dakota C47 and a C53 Skytrainer whixch killed at least 19 Polish Paratroopers the planes came down in Tinwell meadows next to the river Welland but just where I cannot find

    • Ian D B says:

      Hi Allan,

      I just googled round looking for info on this crash. One webpage says “The aircraft crashed down in the meadows on the Ketton side of Tinwell by the river Welland.” I also saw a comment on facebook by a Tom Carlill (Carlill Photography) who was involved in the memorial service, and he wrote a comment on a public facebook page saying “The Dakotas that crashed in the Tinwell crash crashed at the end of my garden” so he might be someone to ask?


  5. Veronica Williams says:

    I am trying to finds some information about a Halifax Plane that crashed into Combe Hill Gloucestershire when the the plane was returning from Operation Market Garden. killing all on board. Her father was John McArdle from Liverpool. She has been trying to find details about hm. she knows he was buried in a Liverpool cemetery which she has been to see it. but not of any other details. She is now seriously ill and is desperate to find out more about that crash and what caused it.

    • Ian D B says:

      Hi Veronica,

      I will email you seperately to the email address you used to post this comment. But I think there may be a little confusion about the details – that or I have mistaken things completely!

      I believe the incident was the crash of Halifax MZ311 on 26 August 1944 while returning to base at RAF Breighton in East Yorkshire after a mine laying operation off La Rochelle in France. The hill was called Cleeve Common in Gloucestershire. The Inquiry after the crash was unable to determine the cause of it, though it was noted the hill was covered in cloud at the time.

      I will email you some more information, though if you Google “Halifax MZ311” you will find lots online.

      Hope this helps,


  6. Hudson says:

    Hey there buddy… Great site loving the format and the info

    Any chance you could add GPS file with all the locations??

    Would be a great way to help us all get out and view the sites mention here.

    Cheers for the work


    • Ian D B says:

      Thanks Hudson, it’s something I keep meaning to try, at least for some of the more popular sites. One of these days I will add some.

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