Avro Anson DJ275

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Avro Anson DJ275

Three Avro Ansons of No 10 (Observer) Advanced Flying Unit were undertaking a night navigation exercise from RAF Dumfries when they crashed in the mountains of the Lake District in foul weather on 9th August 1943.

Anson DJ275 struck the crags to the south of the summit of Scafell with the loss of all on board.

This is some of the remaining debris from DJ275 found among the rocks.

Flight Sergeant Stanislaw Kowalczyk PAF (pilot)
Sergeant John T Chadwick RAFVR (navigator / bomb aimer)
Sergeant Thomas W Pickering RCAF (bomb aimer)
Sergeant Robert S Deason RAFVR (navigator / bomb aimer)
Sergeant Thomas S Lawson RAFVR (wireless op / air gunner)

The other Avro Ansons of the same unit to crash that night were;

Anson DJ222 which crashed on Green Gable, two and a half miles to the north of this spot. Two crew members were killed and three survived.

Anson M5053 crashed on Great Dodd which is part of the Helvellyn range, 12 miles to the north east of this place with the loss of one of five crew men.

Looking the other way


42 comments on “Avro Anson DJ275
  1. pasujoba says:

    A terrific set of shots Ian , all of them have thier strong points , the last has a big minus though spoiling the view :-).
    Despite the focus of the shots clearly being the wreckage you have managed to catch the essence of the location and its dramatic aspect.
    I didnt know where the third one had crashed , a trip to Great dodd is on the cards . I,ve visited the Green Gable site ….not a lot there but for the scars and a few scraps of wreckage.

  2. mickb6265 says:

    the light balance is as good as the composition,ian..these shots of yours is something i wish we had down here..awesome historical sites to visit and pay respects at…you do them real credit,mate..

  3. Tech Owl says:

    The weather shows as well as the debris here Ian – as usual the sorrounding looks rather spectacular

  4. andyholmfirth says:

    Incredible drama in the light and location.

  5. Richard Tierney says:

    Fabulous Ian and Paul…. I was thinking….. the small of amount of wreckage is not a disappointment at all after making such a hard climb to get there..the sheer enormity of the event that they convey is such a shock. To sit there and look around the site, the route they must have made before the impact the seconds of silence afterwards…… I think what you and Paul do really is a way of never allowing these events be forgotten.. the debt we owe those young lads, many who would have gone on to become fell walkers, climbers visitors to these very sites

    Lest we forget…..

  6. Ian D B says:

    Thank you all very much.


    Could not agree more. It is always good to find some debris, not least because it confirms we have the right spot, but also because it does focus you more on what happened there. These tangible links to the past are important. It is also like you say, while we were there Paul was looking at the scatter of debris and trying to work out the angle the Anson came in. It keeps us off the streets!

  7. amyrey says:

    Together with that lovely light, the square crop works a treat. Fascinating, as ever, to hear these stories.

    Also, you and Paul don’t half climb to some amazing places. That is an achievement in itself!

  8. Ian D B says:


    Cheers Amy. Was facing right into the sun, which is just out of the frame. Used an ND grad filter and flash.

  9. SolarScot. says:

    really marvelous shots Ian

  10. nondesigner59 says:

    Fabulous crisp detailed shots and well composed, really shows the altitude of the location well..

  11. gastephen says:

    A fitting cruciform arrangement there. Nice work Ian.

  12. And who am i says:

    Amazing shot, great detail. The information to support the tragedy is spot on.

  13. And who am i says:

    Amazing shot, great detail. The information to support the tragedy is spot on.

  14. Billy Currie says:

    great light on this, love the inclusion of the loch in the background

  15. rob of rochdale says:

    Love the cold blue of the steel against that angry sky. Complimented by being on those harsh tones rocks. Me likes it Ian, well done mate!

  16. cgullz says:

    speechless all round. stunning work. .. not often this cgull is lost for words!

  17. Mark McKie says:

    Excellent set of shot’s again mate.

  18. f3liney says:

    Great photos Ian.
    The lighting is really striking and the compositions are excellent.

  19. AceFlyboy1 says:

    anson annihilation
    fitting photo tribute
    to their memory

    we shall not forget
    sacrifice made for many

    Thank you young men who flew to save our country

  20. michele ciavarella says:

    Molto suggestiva, Ian!

  21. Reflective Kiwi %-) says:

    Great capture! What an amazing setting! %-)

  22. Keartona says:

    At that height above sea level it is still up there in the clouds….and what great looking clouds they are in this photo.

  23. C J Paul (chris) says:

    hummm more great work ian.
    yes love the clouds

  24. IANLAYZELLUK says:

    Another Stunner.

  25. Lazenby43 says:

    I recommend viewers to click on it and view with the black background. Hightens the impact.

  26. P_H_I_L_L says:

    Superb Ian. Photographically, I don’t think you’ll ever better that image. The light on the wreckage, along with the clouds gives a serene calm to the shot. Were I a religious man I might be further inspired by what looks like a cross in the foreground in front of the majesty of gods creation stretched out far below. However, as an atheist I can just appreciate a cracking good shot and marvel at the wondrous earth we live on.

  27. Altass says:

    Spot on with the camera for that one Ian.Great shot.

  28. Neal. says:

    Don’t know if you’ve heard of this, but it should be interesting when completed Ian.

  29. Pleasureprinciple2012 says:

    Super set of shots here Ian, You have captured so much in the shots, location, destruction, history, futility, perseverance….the detail and capture are really special with the lighting and clouds that you have.

  30. Mustang Koji says:

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/richardtierney] Hear, hear.

  31. Ian D B says:

    Many thanks everyone. Really kind of you.


    Yeah that was in the news a while back, not heard much about it recently though, have to take a look, see if I can find an update. Thanks for the reminder!

  32. Stezzer says:

    that’s like an album cover of a shot, love it, well done

  33. Through Collette's eyes says:

    wow this is amazing – the sky is so dramatic : )

  34. bill_fawcett says:

    Superb photo Ian – great light and the background clouds are fantastic.

  35. darrendpc says:

    great capture, very nice work on the lighting

  36. *Psycho Delia* says:

    Fantastic set of shots Ian

  37. bandman12 says:

    Guess as time fades our memories, the mountains will always remember this. Great POV and capture

  38. het broertje van.. says:

    Such a well composed picture man………………my compliments!!!


  39. Krista Kruger says:

    Great shot! I love the dramatic sky!

  40. CORDAN says:

    Humbling Ian.. Very nice framing. Finally posted some B17 Nine O Nine shots from our ride in it.

  41. McAlister says:

    Wow – spectacular vista for this debris.

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