Aviation History

Aviation History
English Electric Lightning XS904

This gallery has photos of vintage aircraft taken at airshows and in museums, some photos taken by Cecil Beaton (from the 1941 book ‘Bomber Command’). Also a letter by Sir Arthur Harris kindly supplied by a friend and some photos from visits to old airfields.

2 comments on “Aviation History
  1. Don Kilburg Jr says:

    Hello Ian, thank you for your great website. I am working on a book about the 24Dec44 Mission 760 of the 8th AF, the largest aerial bombing mission in history. I was unaware of the Christmas Eve 1944 V-1 attack on Manchester that you discuss and would like to mention it in my book. Certainly the POW letters are a very interesting story. If you could email me footnote reference information, I would certainly appreciate it.

  2. David Addis says:

    What do you know about AAC Lynx XZ610 crash in Bosnia, 22/12/1998

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