Battle of the Atlantic


As a gunner on HMS Norfolk my dad was one of the few people to witness the sinking of both HMS Hood and Bismarck. These are some images and stories dedicated to his memory.

HMS Fame – My dad is on the left, above the others and hanging onto the rigging, Shiner Wright is at the back, second from the right edge of the photo. Please click the photo for more.

Crew of HMS Fame

Crew of HMS Fame


6 comments on “Battle of the Atlantic
  1. Ang Wickham says:

    Well done for all and for posterity.
    Fantastic to see your collection of pictures displayed so, easy to read the names as you hover over them.
    Great work Ian.

    • admin says:

      Morning! I am still tinkering all the time with this, finding out how to do stuff. Think I need a Dummies Guide to WordPress if one exists….

  2. Psycho Delia says:

    Hi Ian,

    This is looking really good. Did you go to Liverpool last weekend for the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic?

    Will keep coming back to see what you’re adding.


    • Ian D B says:

      Thanks Liz, good of you to take a look around. I shall be back on Flickr soon, just got some editing to do – I accidentally wiped half my photos so am adding bits of code back to the comments again… I will add an update to my front page when new stuff is added, just tidying up the stuff which has been carried across from flickr first.

      yeah we were in Liverpool for the anniversary but there was so many people it was difficult to see anything. But I wasn’t complaining, thought it was great so many people turned out to remember those guys, or at least have some awareness of what they did. Liverpool is a great city to visit, one of my favourite places in the UK.

  3. Rob Mitchell says:

    Nice tribute to your old man, Ian.

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