HMS Norfolk cap tally

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HMS Norfolk cap tally

HMS Norfolk was my dad’s favourite ship, a County Class heavy cruiser. He was an anti-aircraft gunner on Norfolk, witnessed the battle between HMS Hood and Bismarck and later fired his guns on the German battleship when she was cornered by the British Fleet. On HMS Norfolk he also served on the Arctic Convoys to the Soviet Union. My dad served on HMS Fame after Norfolk.

Photographed here on HMS Fame in 1944


Colourised photo of HMS Norfolk in dazzle camouflage.
HMS Norfolk 1
photo from this site

26 comments on “HMS Norfolk cap tally
  1. The_Photo_Boy says:

    cool shot!

  2. steiner2009 "AKA Dr Dust " says:

    a wonderful shot , love the colours , and a wonderful write up . You done your dad proud here mate 🙂

  3. Gizzardtreedude says:

    You must be so proud of your Father, he was very brave and served the country well.
    Excellent selection of pics

  4. pasujoba says:

    Was your Dad on board when they took the Norwegian Royal family back to Oslo …..cos that really must have been something to see ! I imagine if he was there that he would have had this cap band on at the time . It would have been an occasion for wearing his best !

  5. cgullz says:

    love that you have done this, a tribute to your dad and a reconnection with his history. very very beautiful work with the ribbon against the sparkley stuff – even managed a wee flare. nice golds, great mood – poignant yet glowing.

  6. crusader752 says:

    Apart from the superb photography Ian – it’s the connection you have here – something so simple, but also powerful too in being able reach out across time and tie all the strands of life and family together. Such a great theme and thank you too for sharing these wonderful and personal insights with us 🙂

  7. BarbaraCZ says:

    You must be so very proud of your dad! Very nice tribute 🙂

    Seen in December
    Diary Project 2012

  8. southseadave says:

    Some very special momentos of a brave man ‘doing his bit’.
    Nice how you’ve captured the ribbon too.

  9. Tech Owl says:

    Fabulous series Ian – nice to see the collection.

  10. Marty 1955 ... says:

    Awesome series and tribute my friend …. I love the sepia tones on the top one …. everything looks ship shape here matey …. 😎

    Seen in December
    Diary Project 2012

  11. amyrey says:

    Nice bit of family history on your Dad’s birthday.

  12. Orchids love rainwater says:

    Wonderful bit of family history ! you have done your Dad proud :))

    Seen in December
    Diary Project 2012


  13. Jainbow says:

    What a great man your father was – it’s a lovely tribute to him. :~}

    Seen in December
    Diary Project 2012

  14. Billy Currie says:

    A perfect keep sake, something to cherish

  15. mick cooke says:

    brilliant ian what a great tribute to you dad nice memories
    take care

  16. PeaceLoveScoobie says:

    Wonderful image Ian. Your Dad certainly was witness to some major history. Not only on the Norfolk but also HMS Fame. That convoy story is incredible!

  17. Reflective Kiwi %-) says:

    Wonderfully presented Ian, LOVE the backdrop and the sepia tones. Very clever the way you have presented this. Fancy your Dad would have been 92 on the 18th. (teo years older than my Dad!) I’ve just read tonight that the 19th was Wilf’s (also in the Dec Diary group) Fathers birthday and he too has done a lovely tribute. %-)
    I love the photo of your Dad with his medals in the link! %-)

    Seen in December
    Diary Project 2012

  18. Richard Tierney says:

    See your Dad would have been in line for another " Gong" Ian?

    Nice tribute and presentation…..

  19. Ian D B says:

    Thanks for the heads-up Richard!

    [] Thanks Keith. Good to remember the old boy.

    [] Hi Cindy, thank you very much. I was struggling to find a way to photograph it. I shall take a look at Wilf’s pages soon. Am way behind with everyone and the group.

    [] Paul, no my Dad was on HMS Fame then, Western Approaches, in and out of Liverpool.

    [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] Thanks very much indeed everyone. I am really proud of him and proud too with the news that he and his shipmates will be honoured with a medal for their service on the Arctic Convoys.
    But he loved being on the Norfolk.

  20. bazylek100 says:

    It’s such a precious family memento, Ian, and very well photographed.
    Your Dad’s service was impressive, and it’s fascinating that he witnessed (and was taking part in!) one of the most dramatic events of the WWII naval warfare.
    I now recall an old b&w war drama ‘Sink the Bismarck’. Interesting if he liked the movie.

  21. salfordlad1 says:

    Fabulous presentation Ian..Wonderful to see and read about Arthur..

  22. Highy says:

    Great image and tribute mate. Hero is a much used phrase these days; your dad and his mates were the real deal. I’m in awe of their deeds, it’s good to see some (belated) appreciation.

  23. Ian D B says:

    [] Thanks Robin, it is only after his death that I realised what a distinguished career he had – albeit through no doing of his own, he just happened to be there. But he did see action in some of the Royal Navy’s most famous actions. One tale I have not mentioned before was on D-day; HMS Warspite started shelling coastal batteries at Cherbourg. My Dad was on HMS Fame which was making an anti U-boat screen around Warspite. He said that there were people walking along the promenade as shells were flying over their heads and hitting emplacements in the hills beyond!
    [] Thanks Wilf, yeah I love to see people still calling their kids Arthur.
    [] I agree Al, that entire generation get my automatic respect. Good that there’s some recognition aye, better late than never.

  24. the incredible how (intermitten.t) says:

    a beautiful golden glowing image – shimmering with memories

    Seen in December
    Diary 2012 Project

  25. Mustang Koji says:

    Ian, I think of your father on this day… You were blessed to have his honor coursing through your veins… Tally ho? Is that correct? And Merry Christmas, sir. (ps I was unable to view his portrait of when he was 22…)

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