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  1. Mr john knighton says:

    Looking for information crash in fyrmin woods early 50’s jet think 2 killed . I witnessed it from cowthick lodge now gone due to BSC mining .posibly provest or similar

  2. Greg Williams says:

    Hello John,
    This aircraft was a Meteor. I was put onto by a local resident who also witnessed the crash. He stated that the aircraft hit the ground at a very high speed and no large parts of it survived. I walked to this site in 77/78 when I lived in Brigstock, it lies not far from the Deenethorpe Road.
    A stand of trees had been cleared exposing a water-filled crater of roughly 10ft across. Swinging a detector around it turned up many small fragments some of which identified it as a Meteor. Moving the detector across the water gave high readings. I moved away not long after so never followed up the on the i.d. or unit. Incidentally, this site is a few minutes walk from the crash site of B17 “Rosies Sweatbox” which failed to get airborne from Deenethorpe.

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