Above; Crash site of RB-29A ‘Over-Exposed!’ on Bleaklow. See here for the story of this air crash, more photos, directions and grid references plus grid refs for visiting other crash sites on Bleaklow.

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Most recently added:

17 July 2022 Sunrise visit to the crash site of RB-29A ‘Over-Exposed!’ on Bleaklow. I have also updated the route description, see link above to the main page for this air crash site.
29 May 2022 Crash site of Mosquito NF Mk30 NT266 on Pockley Moor. Also in the North York Moors, what is possibly the crash site of Lancaster KB701.
14 May 2022 Memoir of Gertrude Costello née Kogelnik who came to Britain in 1951. Born in Graz, Austria in 1932, these are some of her stories of life during and after the war in Graz, Austria and as a mill worker in Oldham.
03 May 2022 new photos added to these pages following a recent visit to Tintwistle Knarr in the Peak District: RAF Lancaster PA411 showing a small debris pool I had not noticed before. Also crash site of 3 RAF Hawker Hurricanes showing newly revealed debris following a fire on the moor which had burned back the heather. Also the crash site of USAAF P-38 Lightning 42-67207 where again there appears to be more debris than previously visible at the site, probably following some recent digging in the area.
15 April 2022 new photos added to the pages for the crash sites of RAF Halifax DT581 and USAAF B-24 42-50668 in the South Pennines. Sadly the Halifax site has been robbed of the piece of armour plating since my last visit.
06 April 2022 scanned pages of a Wills cigarette picture card album from 1939 “Life in the Royal Navy”
02 April 2022 crash site of a Luftwaffe Ju88A-5 which was shot down and crashed at Idle, Bradford.
30 March 2022 crash site of RAF Bristol Blenheim, Forest of Bowland
26 March 2022 crash site of USAF F-111, Shap Fells

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