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These are the books I have on my shelves. Organised by subject;
Chorley, W R., RAF Bomber Command Losses Volume 7 Operational Training Units 1940 – 1947, 2003
Chorley, W R., RAF Bomber Command Losses Volume 8 – Heavy Conversion Units and Miscellaneous Units 1939 – 1947, 2003
Clark, P., A Border Too High – a guide to wartime crashes in the Border hills 1999
Collier, R., & Wilkinson R., Dark Peak Aircraft Wrecks 2, 1995
Collier, R., Dark Peak Aircraft Wrecks 1, 1990
Corrigan, M., The Manchester Heinkel – the forgotten true story of the Heinkel that crashed in Hazel Grove 2013
Cunningham, P., Derbyshire’s High Peak Air Crash Sites – northern region, 2014
Cunningham, P., Derbyshire’s High Peak Air Crash Sites – southern region, 2014
Cunningham, P., High Peak Air Crash Sites Central Region, 2010
Cunningham, P., Peakland Air Crashes 2006
Peakland Air Crashes The South
Peakland Air Crashes The Central Area
Peakland Air Crashes The North

Cunningham, P., The Definitive Peak District Air-Crash Sites, 2019
Cunningham, P., White Peak Air Crash Sites, 2012
Davies, C.R., Almost Forgotten – The search for aviation accidents in Northumberland, 2012
Doylerush, E., Fallen Eagles, A Guide to Aircraft Crashes in North-East & Mid Wales, 1990
Doylerush, E., No Landing Place A Guide to Aircraft Crashes in Snowdonia, 1985
Doylerush, E., No Landing Place Volume 2 More Tales of Aircraft Crashes in Snowdonia, 1999
Doylerush, E., Rocks in the clouds – High-ground aircraft crashes of south Wales, 2008
Doylerush, E., High, Low & Wet – further aircraft crashes in North Wales and some coastal incidents, 2016
Earl, D. W., Hell on High Ground A Guide to Aircraft Hill Crash Sites in the UK and Ireland, 1995
Earl, D. W., Hell on High Ground Volume 2 World War II Air Crash Sites, 1999
Ellis, K., Wrecks & Relics, 24th edition, 2014
Gray, R., et al, Air Crash Northumberland – planes, pilots, reasons, recoveries, 2008
Hill, B., Aircraft crash sites in the Brecon Beacons – a walkers’ guide, 2010
Hill, T. R., Down in Wales – Visits to some wartime air crash sites, 1994
Hill, T. R., Down in Wales 2 – Visits to more wartimes crash sites, 1996
Hill, T. R., Final Descent Air Crashes in Wales and the Borders, 1999
Hudson, M., RAF WWII Operational and Flying Accident Casualty Files in the National Archives, 2020
Hurst, M. J., Air Crashes in the Lake District 1936-1976, 1997
Moran, P. J., Wreck Recovery in Britain – Then and Now, 2018
Needham, D., Nottinghamshire Air Crashes, 2008
Norman, B., Broken Eagles Luftwaffe Losses Over Yorkshire, 1939-1945, 2001
Parker, N., Luftwaffe Crash Archive 2013;
Volume 1. September 1939 – 14 August 1940,
Volume 2. 15 August 1940 – 29 August 1940
Volume 3. 30 August 1940 – 9 September 1940
Volume 4. 10 September 1940 – 27 September 1940
Volume 5. 28 September 1940 – 27 October 1940
Volume 6. 28 October 1940 – 31st December 1940
Volume 7. 1st January 1941 – 16th April 1941
Volume 8. 17th April 1941 – 24th July 1941
Volume 9. 25th July 1941 – 31st December 1942
Volume 10. 1st January 1943 – 31st December 1943
Volume 11. 1st January 1944 – 31st May 1944
Volume 12 1st June 1944 – 18th January 1946
(plus series index)

see also under Aviation History and Europe at War for other titles.
Bamford, J. & Collier, R., Eyes of the Night – The Air Defence of North-Western England 1940-1943, 2005
Bourne, S., Under Fire – Black Britain in Wartime 1939 – 1945, 2020
Bunting, M., The Model Occupation – The Channel Islands under German rule, 1940 – 1945, 1995
Dalton, M, The Royal Observer Corps Underground Monitoring Posts, 2011
Dobinson, C., Fields of Deception – Britain’s bombing decoys of the Second World War, 2000
Gardiner, J., The Blitz – The British under attack, 2011
Gardiner, J., The Thirties, 2010
Gardiner, J., Wartime Britain 1939-1945, 2004
Griehl, M., German Bombers Over England 1940 – 1944, 1999
Hardy, C., Manchester At War, 1986
Henderson, D., and Little, I., Reporting the Troubles – Journalists tell their stories of the Northern Ireland conflict, 2018
Haining, P., The Flying Bomb War – Contemporary Eyewitness Accounts of the V1 and V2 Raids on Britain, 2002
Hennessy, P., Cold War, 1998
Hodgson, G., War torn – Manchester, its newspapers and the Luftwaffe Blitz of 1940, 2015
Hylton, S., Reporting the Blitz – News from the home front communities, 2012
Inman, K. & Helm, M. H., Bury and the Second World War, 1995
Jones, H., British Civilians in the Front Line – air raids, productivity and wartime culture, 1939-1945, 2006
Lesley-Dixon, K., Northern Ireland – The Troubles – From the Provos to the Det, 2018
Matthews, A. (translator), Militärgeographische Angaben über England , 1940, 2007
McKittrick, D., & McVea, D., Making Sense of the Troubles – A history of the Northern Ireland conflict, 2000
Moorhouse, G., Hell’s Foundations – A Town, Its Myths and Gallipoli, 1992
Parry, S. W., Intruders over Britain – The Luftwaffe Night Fighter Offensive 1940 to 1945, 2003
Philpott, P., German Bombers Over England, 1988
Phythian, G., Manchester At War 1939-45 – The People’s Story, 2014
Phythian, G, Blitz Britain – Manchester and Salford, 2015
Quinn, R., Hitler’s Last Army – German POWs in Britain, 2015
Rogerson, D., The Battle of Bamber Bridge – The true story, 2022
Smith, P J C., Zeppelins over Lancashire, 1991
Smith, P.J.C., Flying Bombs over the Pennines, 1988
Smith, P.J.C., Luftwaffe over Manchester, 2003
Smith, P.J.C., Air-launched Doodlebugs – The Forgotten Campaign, 2006
Süss, D, Death from the Skies; How the British and Germans Survived Bombing in World War II, 2014
Thomas, P., Seeing It Through – Halifax & Calderdale During World War II, 2005
Wakefield, K., Pfadfinder – Luftwaffe Patherfinder Operations Over Britain, 1940-44, 1999
Weal, J., He111 Kampfgeschwader in the West, 2012
Wright, S., Memories of the Salford Blitz, 1987
Young, T., Nuclear War in the UK, 2019

see also under Air Raids and Britain at War and Europe at War for other titles.
Air Ministry, The Battle of Britain August – October 1940, 1941
Arct, B. Squadron Leader, Prisoner of War – My secret journal, 1988
Berryman, D., North Wales Airfields in the Second World War, 2013
Bishop, P., Battle of Britain, 2010
Bishop, P., Bomber Boys – Fighting Back 1940-1945, 2008
Boiten, T.E.W. and MacKenzie, R., Nachtjagd War Diaries – An Operational History of the German Night Fighter Force in the West Volume 2 April 1944 – May 1945, 2011
Boiten, T.E.W., Nachtjagd War Diaries – An Operational History of the German Night Fighter Force in the West Volume 1 September 1939 – March 1944, 2011
Bowman M and Bunce, P., Sprits in the sky – classic aircraft of World War II, 1992
Brickhill, P., The dam busters, 1951
Charlwood, D., No Moon Tonight, 1956
Deighton, L., Fighter – The True Story of the Battle of Britain, 1977
Delve, K., The Military Airfields of Britain – Northern England, 2006
Ellis, K., Wrecks & Relics -24th Edition, 2014
Falconer, J., Sterling Wings – the Short Sterling goes to war, 1995
Forsyth, R., To Save An Army: The Stalingrad Airlift, 2022
Fowler, S., Elliott, P., Conyers Nesbit, R. and Goulter, C., RAF Records in the PRO, 1994
Franks, N., Ton-Up Lancs – A photographic history of the 35 RAF Lancasters that each completed 100 sorties, 2006
Gibson, G., Enemy Coast Ahead, 1946
Goss, C, The Luftwaffe Bombers’ Battle of Britain – The inside story: July – October 1940, 2000
Gunston, B., The illustrated directory of fighting aircraft of World War II, 1988
Hess, W.N., German jets versus the US Army Air Force, 1996
Harris, A., Bomber Offensive, 1947
Holmes, H., AVRO – The Story of Manchester’s Aviation Company, 1993
Jacobs, P., Bomber Command Airfields of Lincolnshire, 2016
Johnson, M., Caribbean Volunteers at War – The Forgotten Story of the RAF’s ‘Tuskegee Airmen’, 2014
Johnson, T., Escape to Freedom – An airman’s tale of capture, escape and evasion, 2002
Knight, R. & A., RAF Davidstow Moor 1942 – 1954, 2016 / Perry, S. & S., Cornwall at war, 2016
Kershaw, A., The Few, 2006
Levine, J., On a wing and a prayer – the untold story of pioneering aviation heroes of WWI, in their own words, 2008
Lane, B., Spitfire! The Experiences of a Battle of Britain Fighter Pilot, 2009
McNab, C.(ed), German paratroopers – The illustrated history of the Fallschirmjäger in World War II, 2000
Mondey, D., Concise Guide to Axis Aircraft of World War II, 1984
Middlebrook, M., The Berlin Raids – The Bomber Battle, Winter 1943 – 1944, 2010
Nichol, J. & Rennell, T., Tail-End Charlies – The Last Battles of the Bomber War 1944-45, 2004
Otter, P., Yorkshire Airfields in the Second World War, 1998
Price, A., The Luftwaffe in Camera 1939 – 1945, 2009
Richards, D. & Saunders, H St. G., Royal Air Force Volume II – 1939-1945 – The Fight Avails, 1954
Richards, D., Royal Air Force 1939-1945 Volume 1 – The Fight at Odds, 1953
Richey, P., Fighter Pilot, 1941
Rolfe, M., Flying Into Hell, 2008
Sarker, D., Missing in Action – Resting In Peace?, 2006
Saunders, H St. G., Royal Air Force, Volume III – The Fight is Won, 1954
Sloan, R., Early Aviation in North Wales, 1989
Sloan, R., Wings of War Over Gwynedd – Aviation in Gwynedd during World War II 1991
Smith, C., Lancaster Bale Out, 2013
Smith, G., Cambridgeshire Airfields in the Second World War, 1997
Sweetman, J., The Dambusters Raid, 1982
Thorburn, G., A Century of Air Warfare With Nine (IX) Squadron, RAF: Still Going Strong, 2014
Veronico, N.A., Hidden Warbirds II 2014
Weir, A., The last flight of the Luftwaffe – The suicide attack on the Eights Air Force, 7 April 1945, 1997
Wellum, G., First Light, 2002

Ballantyne, I., Warspite – from Jutland hero to Cold War warrior, 2001
Ballantyne, I., Killing the Bismarck – Destroying the pride of Hitler’s fleet, 2014
Buchheim, L-G, Das Boot, 1973
Dimbleby, J., The Battle of the Atlantic – How The Allies Won The War, 2015
Forester, C.S., Hunting the Bismarck, 1959
Goodey, J. and Osborne, R., Destroyer at war – the fighting life and loss of HMS Havock from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean 1939 – 1942, 2017
Hadley, N L., Count Not the Dead – The popular image if the German submarine, 1995
Kemp, P J,. Sunk and Damaged – Royal Navy casualties in World War 2, 1997
Lavery, B., Churchill’s Navy – The ships, men and organisation 1939 – 1945, 2006
Macintyre, D., The Battle of the Atlantic, 2014
Mearns, D., and White, R., Hood and Bismarck – The Deep Sea Discovery of an Epic Battle, 2001
Milner, M., Battle of the Atlantic, 2005
Parkin, S., A Game of Birds and Wolves – The secret game that won the war, 2019
Prysor, G., Citizen Sailors – The Royal Navy in the Second World War, 2011
Rayner, D.A., Escort – The Battle of the Atlantic, 1955
Thompson, J., The War At Sea – The Royal Navy in the Second World War, 1996
Williams, A., The Battle of the Atlantic, 2002
Woodman, R., Arctic Convoys 1941 – 1945 , 1994
Werner, H A., Iron Coffins – A U-boat commander’s war 1939-1945, 1969

Anonymous, A Woman in Berlin, 2003
Ambrose, S. E., Band of Brothers, 1992
Ambrose, S.E., D-Day – June 6 1944 The Battle for the Normandy Beaches, 1994
Arthur, M., Forgotten Voices of the Great War – a new history of WWI in the words of the men and women who were there, 2002
Arthur, M., Last Post – The final word from our First World War soldiers, 2005
Bacon, J., Romanowska, E. & Chumbley, S. (Eds) Hitler’s Death – Russia’s Last Great Secret from the Files of the KGB, 2005
Barnett, C., The Great War, 1979
Beevor, A., Berlin – The Downfall 1945, 2002
Beevor, A., Stalingrad, 1998
Beevor, A., Ardennes 1944, 2015
Borowski, This Way For The Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen, 1959
Boyd, J., Travellers in the Third Reich – The rise of fascism through the eyes of everyday people, 2017
Bullock, A., Hitler and Stalin – Parallel Lives, 1991
Carr, W., A History of Germany 1815-1990, 1991
Donath, M., Architecture in Berlin 1933 – 1945 – A Guide Through Nazi Berlin, 2006
Friedrich, J., The Fire – The Bombing of Germany 1940 – 1945, 2006 (translation)
Downing, T., 1983 – The world at the brink, 2018
Graves, R., Goodbye to All That, 1929
Hastings, M., Armageddon – The Battle for Germany, 2005
Hastings, M., All Hell Let Loose – The world at war 1939 – 1945, 2011
Hastings, M., Catastrophe – Europe Goes To War 1914, 2013
Holmes, R., Shots From The Front – The British soldier 1914-1918, 2008
Holt, T. & Holt, V., Major & Mrs Holt’s Battlefield Guide – Ypres Salient, 1996
Holt, T. & Holt, V., Major & Mrs Holt’s Battlefield Guide to the Somme, 1999
Holt, T. and Holt, V., Major and Mrs Holt’s Battlefield Guide – The Normandy Beaches, 1999
Kempe, F., Berlin 1961 – Kennedy, Khrushchev and the most dangerous place on Earth, 2011
Klee, E., Dressen, W & Riess, V., (eds), The Good Old Days – The Holocaust as seen by its perpetrators and bystanders, 1991 (translation)
Isaacs, J., and Downing, T., Cold War, 1998
Jünger, E., Storm of Steel, 1920 (translated 2004)
Kershaw, I., The End – Germany 1944-1945, 2012
Koplek, M., (translated by Adelheid Korpp), Past Finder Berlin 1939-1945 – Traces of German history, 2006
Levi, P., If This Is A Man, 1969
Lopez, J., (ed) World War II Infographics, 2021
MacDonagh, G., After the Reich – From the Liberation of Vienna to the Berlin Airlift, 2007
MacIntyre, B., Agent Zigzag – The true wartime story of Eddie Chapman, 2007
McKay, S., Dresden – The fire and the darkness, 2020
Moorhouse, R., Berlin at War – Life and Death in Hitler’s Capital 1939-1945, 2010
Neitzel, S., and Welzer, H., Soldaten – The secret Second World War tapes of German POWs, 2012
Nyiszli, m., I Was Doctor Mengele’s Assistant, 2000
Richards, A., The Somme – A Visual History, 2016
Sajer, G., The Forgotten Soldier – War on the Russian Front – a true story, 1971
Shirer, W., The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, 1991
Smelser, R., & Zitelman, R., The Nazi Elite, 1993
Speer, A., Inside the Third Reich, 1971
Strachan, H., The First World War, 2003
Taylor, F., The Berlin Wall – 13 August 1961 – 9 November 1989, 2006

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  1. mike potter says:

    Came across your photo of P-38 crash at Tintwhistle. Flight out of Goxhill 496th Fighter Training Group.

    Please email me. Would like you permission to use this photo for a display in the Watch Office of RAF Goxhill / USAAF 345 Goxhill. We have just finished the reconstruction of this Watch Office at our museum in Virginia after removing it from Goxhill 10 years ago. Your photo would be a wonderful tribute to all who died going into harms way from that station.

    Mike Potter, Board Member, Military Aviation Museum

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