Captain Johnnie Walker

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Captain Johnnie Walker

Statue of Captain Frederic John Walker at Liverpool. Captain Walker was the most prolific U-boat hunter of the war. The stress of his job brought on a stroke in 1944 which killed him. He was aged 48.

29 comments on “Captain Johnnie Walker
  1. rob of rochdale says:

    Blimmin’ striking shot Ian!


    Very Cool. Excellent Shot.
    Loving your Composition. Very Moody Sky makes the capture even more interesting. Atmospheric Image. Thanks for all your comments. Glad you like them.

  3. nondesigner59 says:

    Excellent perspective..

  4. mojo_black says:

    Great viewpoint, and perfect timing with the seagulls!

  5. mick cooke says:

    brilliant phots ian

  6. andyholmfirth says:

    Just can’t imagine the strain these men operated under.

  7. bill_fawcett says:

    Superb pov Ian and the gray overcast adds to the atmosphere of the photo. Wikipedia has a great write up on Capt. Walker.

  8. *Psycho Delia* says:

    Love how you’ve taken this Ian

  9. Mark McKie says:

    Superb capture Ian…. I’m ashamed to say this but i’ve never heard of the man. I’m of to Wikipedia to catchup.

  10. gastephen says:

    Nice angle!

  11. Richard Tierney says:

    Cracker Ian !! superb angle of a striking sculpture.

    [ via Richard Tierney’s contacts on flickriver  —Richard Tierney ]

  12. And who am i says:

    Is his name linked to the Whiskey?

  13. And who am i says:

    Is his name linked to the Whiskey?

  14. **Hazel** says:

    Amazing POV Ian, very sad the way he died at such a young age!! Love the statue, the bird and the composition which make an awesome photo!!!:-)

  15. pasujoba says:

    A truly historic character …..he personified the bulldog spirit which carried the British nation and the Allies through to victory.

  16. f3liney says:

    I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t heard of Capt Walker either, but yet again you’ve brought another aspect of military history alive.
    Both of these shots are excellent!
    I love the upward aspect on the first – and those gulls just set it off so well.
    The second one has such a striking contrast with the deep blue and dazzling pale grey backdrop.
    Fine, fine work.

  17. Highy says:

    Great dramatic shot Ian, it does him justice.
    I’ve read a book about him; he was the best anti U boat commander we had, I’m sure I read something about him ramming one.
    A true hero.

  18. cgullz says:

    o goodness, how very tragic! even his statue looks worn and aged around the face! great shots, great upshot – love the gulls overlooking 🙂

  19. Pleasureprinciple2012 says:

    Always good to look up and read about a character that I had forgotten about for many years. A very nice memorial.

  20. Ian D B says:

    Many thanks everyone. [] Captain Walker’s nickname was given to him after the whisky, yes.
    [] [][] [] [] []
    Until reading about the Battle of the Atlantic, I didn’t know of him either. My Dad never mentioned him, but that may have been because of rivalries between different Escort Groups, I don’t know? But as Colin had said on the other photo, though this battle lasted the duration of the war, and was the most significant for both Britain and the US in Europe, it doesn’t get the attention the war in the air or on land has had. I can only imagine this is because it was so far removed from civilian witnesses and newsreels?

  21. Hotpix [LRPS] Hanx for 1.5M Views says:

    Brilliant POV Ian!
    I like it my friend, enjoy your weekend. 😎

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  22. jr55 (John Richardson) says:

    Great viewpoint Ian.

  23. Steph C Kay says:

    Such a stunning capture and an incredibly sad story..

    Thank you for sharing with ClanFlickr

  24. Dymaxion Photography says:

    Brilliant pov. I know the statue and the spot very very well.

  25. Kingsdude/Dave says:

    Great shot Ian, it`s a real coincidence as I`ve just bought a book all about Liverpool with a feature all about Captain Johnny Walker. I have to admit that up until now I`d never heard of him either so it was interesting to read about his exploits. I understand that HMS Whimbrel, the last remaining Black Swan class ship, is currently rusting away in Alexandria Egypt while a rescue fund of £ 2 million pounds is being put together in an effort to get her restored and put on display in Liverpool. This link may be of interest :

  26. Ian D B says:

    Thanks for that link Dave. That’s the last sloop of that kind is it? I will take a look later on, at work right now, but sounds interesting. Be great to see her – or any old warship – back in Liverpool.

  27. Kingsdude/Dave says:

    [] Seems to be Ian – the price tag was £ 250,000 but has since increased significantly 🙁 It would be a huge but worthwhile undertaking to get her restored and displayed in Liverpool ?

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