Hurricane R4118

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Hurricane R4118

It was great to see this old Hawker Hurricane at Cosford last weekend.

Not many WWII aircraft still flying have a history as distinguished as R4118; a true veteran of the Battle of Britain, this Hurricane accounted for 5 Luftwaffe aircraft.

33 comments on “Hurricane R4118
  1. SolarScot. says:

    great shot Ian,at the Air Museum near here they held Robot Wars last weekend !

  2. C J Paul (chris) says:

    Brilliant picture great detail.

  3. cgullz says:

    cor that’s nice! what an incredible series.
    love the second one down, looks as if i could make a run and jump for that open cockpit 😀
    and the last shot – gorgeous profile shot, not often seen.

  4. Highy says:

    Great catch mate, I’d be well chuffed with that.

  5. nondesigner59 says:

    Great set of shots of a "proper" aircraft.!! Excellent work.

  6. gastephen says:

    cracking shot fella

  7. Mark McKie says:

    Excellent shot mate.

  8. mickb6265 says:

    real class,ian…like this…

  9. And who am i says:

    That’s unreal. Brilliant.

    Was there a Lancaster there?

  10. And who am i says:

    That’s unreal. Brilliant.

    Was there a Lancaster there?

  11. The_Photo_Boy says:

    excellent work!

  12. Ian D B says:

    Many thanks everyone.

    Yeah the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight appeared, though they were without their Hurricane, the engine was spewing oil apparently. But this one was a better sight!
    I would love to just sit in the cockpit – with it on the ground. You’d be cleared for takeoff tho Ang!
    Robot Wars! What’s not to like!

  13. bazylek100 says:

    Amazing to see this Hurricane in flight!
    Great shot, Ian. It looks like taken by his wingman 🙂

  14. Gizzardtreedude says:

    Automatic fave!!!
    Top notch historic aircraft, wow!

    Hey, glad you like the wisteria pic Ian, you are most welcome 😀

  15. pasujoba says:

    Aye this is a beaut of a machine . It sounded terrific and a true veteran. Terrific shots all Ian and very well presented.

  16. crusader752 says:

    Superbly caught Ian – there’s nothing like these old Fighters to stir the emotions 🙂

  17. nznatives says:

    [] yr a man after me own heart Ian. takeoff would be WILD in one of these, flight though, would be AMAZING!

  18. stopherjones says:

    Great shot, so crisp, really stands out against the white sky too

  19. aachesstudio says:

    Brilliant shot of a beautiful aeroplane.
    atvb Stan Newton.

  20. mick cooke says:

    great shot ian certainly a great plane

  21. Richard Tierney says:

    wonderful Kite !!! Looks ike she is fresh out of the paint shop ready for this years air show season…. beautifully turned out :-)))

    Nice series Ian,,,, nice to see you watching them flying instead of finding the bits of them left after they crashed ……

  22. Billy Currie says:

    stunning stunning aircraft, think of the action this must have seen

  23. Tech Owl says:

    Great work to get these Ian – nice series recording the various views

  24. f3liney says:

    Nice series Ian. The 2nd one is my fave.

  25. Hotpix [LRPS] Hanx for 1.5M Views says:

    A piece of history – Cool shot!


  26. amyrey says:

    Grand old lass…. makes you wanna give her a big kiss

  27. salfordlad1 says:

    And a fabulous shot of it too..Lovely.

  28. Ian D B says:

    Thanks everyone.

    [] Lol, yes.

  29. bill_fawcett says:

    Wonderful shot Ian. The Hurricane – ‘forgotten’ hero of the BoB!

  30. symbianos07 says:

    absolutley brilliant picture 🙂 worthy of a nice frame

  31. Dirk Bruin says:

    Great shot!
    Would love to see and hear it in flight.

  32. gracious.tony.NZ says:

    Great focus series!!
    just great !!

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