Vulcan XH558

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Vulcan XH558 at RAF Waddington

12 comments on “Vulcan XH558
  1. John Richardson says:

    Hi Ian, great set of shots from Waddo,looks like you had a great time, I’ve started a new Flickr site for aviation images,I found some slides with mould on, in one storage box of approx 500 slides and had to scrap 40 odd after copying them,so I might be posting loads of pictures of old airshows as I digitise them, my user name is “Paisano Dos”.
    Hope you and yours are well and life is treating you well.

    • Ian D B says:

      Hi John, sorry about the late reply, not been on in a few days. Will take a look at your group on flickr. Hope you are well. Am ok, just busy with stuff…

  2. Ang Wickham says:

    this is fantastic!an amazing series! had seen the other guys pix on flickr and was wondering where and when yours would turn up. I really really like the Red Arrows image, of the lot. And the Netherlands tail and chute shot – great colour and a different kind of frame. Altogether i’m helluva impressed at the clarity you have managed on all of them. Looks like you had fun, great 🙂

  3. paul says:

    Blimey Ian these took some finding . I thought you would have some up by now but I couldnt see owt in the recent posts thingy . It would be really good if I could link to your site so that I get a message when you post a new pic or blog thingy .
    Some cracking shots Ian . The stuff in action landing and on the ground is excellent . as to is the redarrows that curve of smoke is so very dramatic . none of mine like that turned out as good . I did a better job of the frenchies than i did of the RA .
    The BBMF is a classic shot . and includes my faveourite spitfire !

    • Ian D B says:

      Thanks Paul. I don’t know how else I can do it, either add new stuff as posts but then have it duplicated in the gallery or just add the links to my front page. Don’t know why you can’t see what is on the front page though? Will e-mail you later.

  4. paul says:

    well , that has solved one problem . the link on my blog wasnt taking me to the front page …..i thought it was but it was actually taking me to the ‘about’ page …..that should make things easier . Now i can see the recent additions straight away .

  5. paul says:

    and by ticking the box below …i now get emails for when you post stuff . It was user error by me . and a reluctance to tick boxes on tinternet 🙂

  6. rob finch says:

    Spooky – that Ang took the words right out of my mouth!
    The Arrows shot is just fab and I’ve not seen the Dutch F-16AM perform before so this unusual shot is a treat ….
    Looks like you guys got a great spot there without heads in which is an art in itself at shows these days.
    That Viggen was the Dogs too……
    without all that heat haze behind her you might just have seen my head! :-))

  7. Robin says:

    What a great air show to attend!

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