Messerschmitt Bf109

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though strictly speaking, this is a Spanish built version, a Hispano Buchon, circa 1942, I think. Flypast magazine had a feature on the 1969 movie Battle of Britain, in which 18 airworthy Spanish 109s were used. Wonder if this was one of them?

12 comments on “Messerschmitt Bf109
  1. andyholmfirth says:

    Just the word Messerschmitt seems menacing.My old man watched one get shot down in the WWII over the village where he lived.The pilot bailed out & was apparently captured by the Home Guard & pitch fork wielding locals.

  2. redrocker_9 says:

    These are all great shots~

  3. Pleasureprinciple2012 says:

    The air intake under the prop always makes me think that they are smiling. Beautiful aircraft.

  4. Ian D B says:

    Your dad’s story sounds great – was that in the North East Andy?

    Thanks Ronnie, apreciated!

    As for the smily intake Colin, my wife said exactly the same thing!

  5. Billy Currie says:

    Stunning looking plane

  6. Steve P.Kane (S.P.K.Photography) off & On says:

    very cool planes great shot my friend

  7. Steve P.Kane (S.P.K.Photography) off & On says:

    very cool planes great shot my friend

  8. pasujoba says:

    Great shot of a formidable plane , apparently it was very difficult to taxi on the ground and novie pilots often crashed without taking off .

  9. mambo1935 says:


  10. Tech Owl says:

    There is a ‘face’ on the nose! Nice angle for this shot Ian

  11. sixty8panther says:

    I really dislike these goofy "Hispaniola-Messerschmitts" with their
    awkward bumpy, V shaped noses. The Bf-109 airframe was 1st
    flown using a RR Kestrel V12 but it was ALWAYS intended to be
    powered by one of the German supercharged, inverted V-12
    Daimler (Mercedes) Benz DB601 / DB605 motors (and /or Jumo
    Inverted V12s) with their much more compact, aerodynamic &
    exotic shape & engineering.

    Messerschmitt Bf109 Emil 1-18scale

  12. Marius says:

    Nice picture. Here is a link to some blueprints for this beautiful warbird – Messerschmitt Bf 109 plans and drawings

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