Vickers Wellington bomber MF628

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Vickers Wellington bomber MF628

One of only 2 surviving Wellington bombers. The other was recovered from the bottom of Loch Ness in 1985. This particular Wellington appeared in the film Dambusters. Wellingtons were used early in the war. They were tough but unable to defend themselves against Messerschmitt Bf109s.

9 comments on “Vickers Wellington bomber MF628
  1. mickb6265 says:

    lovely shot,ian..and just in time..she,s off for refurb,lasting years,very soon….cosford,i think..

  2. Ian D B says:

    yeah I believe so. shame the props weren’t on but better than not being there at all!

  3. redrocker_9 says:

    The people in there give this terrific scale!

  4. mick cooke says:

    another great photo

  5. pasujoba says:

    Yes the figures give good proportion to the shot . A smaller aircraft than I imagined.

  6. Pleasureprinciple2012 says:

    I remember watching them raise "R" for Robert from Loch Ness on the telly. I found it amazing that the oil was still graded as usable when they tested it, the 303 bullets were still in great shape and could be used and that one of the navigation lights still came on when they wired it to a battery once it had been taken ashore!
    Among my top 5 airfix kits!

  7. Gordon McGeachie.( on holiday back on the June 1st says:

    nicely taken………….

  8. 5DII says:

    Good shot, in what I imagine was testing lighting.


  9. m.j.clarkson says:

    my dad f/o b.w.clarkson flew mf628 for a test flight at Silverstone o.t.u. on October 23rd 1944, duration 25 minutes together with f/o grimwood, although I think he may have informed the Hendon people of this.

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