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Lancaster wreck at Deutsches Technik Museum, Berlin

Starboard wing and undercarriage of Lancaster JA914 (code DX-O) on display at the Deutsches Technik Museum (DTM) in Berlin. The remains are from a bomber which was shot down during a raid on Berlin in 1943 and crashed in a lake with the loss of all crew.

A board near the exhibit gives some details about its recovery from Wünsdorfer See near Zossen, south of Berlin on 29 September 1997.


A 57 Squadron bomber based at RAF East Kirkby in Lincolnshire, JA914 was lost during a night raid on 3/4th September 1943.

Below; Lancaster bomber NX 611 in 57 Sqn colours at RAF East Kirkby


The aircraft was shot down at about half past midnight, from an altitude of 15,000 feet and some 25 miles from target. The kill was claimed by FW 190 nightfighter Stab JG300 pilot Uffz Fritz Brinkmann.

Sergeant J.T Carruthers RAF
Flight Sergeant W.E Grindley RAAF
Sergeant H.I Jones RAF
Flight Sergeant David. Livingstone RAAF
Sergeant A Moore RAF
Sergeant H.M Porteous RCAF
Sergeant A Sutcliffe RAF

Die Welt provides some details of the recovery and the memoir of a witness; 10 year Günter Bethke, who saw the British bombers coming from the south and heading for Berlin. “Two German night fighters attacked the British”, he said, “A four-engined bomber swerved from the fight and curved in a burning loop over the lake. With a deafening crash the plane exploded.”

The recovery of the Lancaster cost 25,000 Marks (about £10,000) and was funded by the DTM in Berlin where the wreck is now displayed.

Photo of recovery of the wing (upside down here) from Wünsdorfer See from DTM


Regarding the crew, Bethke said in 1997, “two bodies, my father found and buried on the morning after the crash near the lido. The English had the dead transferred later”. Two more dead, still strapped in their seats and sat in the fuselage, were recovered by the Soviets”.

One crew member may have survived the crash but appears to have been shot in the reeds by the lake’s edge immediately after the crash if Bethke’s memory is correct; “Ein drittes Besatzungsmitglied soll unmittelbar nach dem Absturz im Schilf erschossen worden sein”

Die Welt, 10 October 1997

Nachtjagd War Diaries, Volume One, Dr Theo E W Boiten, 2011

29 comments on “Lancaster JA914
  1. Stuart Charlton says:

    My Cousin was F/Sgt David Livingstone, the rear Gunner of the aircraft. If anyone has any more information regarding the aircraft or any connection at all with Aircraft, Squadron or crew please do not hesitate to contact me
    via Email.

  2. Peter Williams says:

    Hello Stuart, I am a Lancaster enthusiast based in England. I am wanting more info on Lancaster JA914 as I am currently running a project. I also want to know if possible, if you know where the remains for the JA914 crew are buried as this could be very useful.

    • Stuart Charlton says:

      I will get back to you with the info

    • Stuart Charlton says:

      I will need to gather the info , may take a day or so..

    • Adam Selby says:

      Huge Ivor Jones is my great uncle he was top Gunner

      • Stuart Charlton says:

        Hi Mate… My Cousin, David Livingstone was the Tail Gunner… The 3 bodies recovered were buried near Wunsdorf ( village called Zehrensdorf), where the Piece of wreckage was recovered from the lake in the ’90s, but post WW2 the bodies were transferred to a major War cemetery in Berlin….I’m not sure of its name , but I’m certain that by contacting the Commonwealth War Graves Commission they can tell you exactly where the graves are… as well as supply a photograph.. I would appreciate it if you could share any information you have, Photos etc, if they are in your family… I have shared what I have to this site… I’d like to collect pics of the crew and keep in touch with Family members … Maybe organise a plaque to be placed near the site…

  3. Matt Wells says:

    Three of the crew Porteous, Sutcliffe and Jones are buried in the CWGC BERLIN 1939-45 Cemetery. The rest of the crew are commemorated on the Runnymede memorial to the missing (England).I hope this is of use to you

  4. Stuart Charlton says:

    Yes that is correct 4 others remain “Missing”

  5. peter (great grandad) says:

    to stuart charlton concerning lancaster ja914 & crew, i have a photograph of that crew. i am also a member of east kirtby aviation centre where 57 squadron along with 630 sqwadron flew from during the latter stages of world ww2. not knowing where you live at present would it be posible to arrange a meeting at east kirtby to discuss anything further on this project.

  6. Stuart Charlton says:

    I live in Lithgow, Australia I’m afraid Peter…. I have a picture of a crew which may have been the crew of JA914… but there is no confirmation of this .. there are 2 faces which MAY be my Cousin as they look like my Uncle , but no definite indication that group is the final crew of JA914 . the pic may have been taken at an earlier training centre before they “Crewed up ” I do have a pic of Bill Grindley , the pilot on an enlistment document.. but that’s not much help… I will happily tell you all I know, if you can give me any information you have. perhaps you can show me the picture how did you come by it ? I have posted the image I have a few times on Pinterest and various memorial sites and have attributed it as a picture of the crew, but cannot confirm that is definitely correct…

  7. Stuart Charlton says:

    I have sent a reply please let me know when you receive it /

  8. peter (great grandad) says:

    i have received your last message did you receive mine.

  9. peter (great grandad) says:

    do you have a email address

    • Stuart Charlton says:

      Here is my Email Peter .. I’m sorry I did not see your note til it popped up this evening on my Computer . I regret not seeing this earlier I did Send my Email

    • Stuart Charlton says:

      I have a picture Which MAY be the crew… It appears to have been taken early in training Though… It may also be the Same Picture
      Peter( Great Grand Dad is talking about ,, So I cannot be sure There are 2 people who look like they may be my Cousin but I am not sure … Please Contact me .. You are the first “Relative” of the crew I have found ! I have a picture of Bill Grindley from his enlistment papers

    • Stuart Charlton says: Please and thank you !

  10. Tony Curtis says:

    Hi, I have just found out that my grandfather flew on this plane on 10-11th Aug 43 he was the bomb aimer whilst on a raid to Nuremburg.
    W/Cdr Haskell W.R. – Pilot
    Sgt Stringer – Engineer
    F/O Jones J.- Nav
    Sgt Nye D.E.- B/Aimer
    Sgt Harkness J. – Wop
    Sgt John J.E. – M/U
    Sgt Lamb J. – R/G

  11. Stuart Charlton says:

    Is That True ? I do Have A Photo.. Not sure if it is the actual Crew Or Some trainnes my Cousin trained with.. I’ve shared it on a few sites Before .. I Would Love to see it if there is Identification of the Crew Please Let me know thank You !

  12. Stuart Charlton says:

    PETER Please Send me the Photo This is the first I have heard from the site since 2015 !! The post popped up out of the blue tonight !

  13. Blair Jones says:

    My uncle was Hugh ivor jones one of the gunners of ja94 who is buried in the war cemetery in Berlin he was from Wrexham n wales if anyone has a picture of the crew I would love to see a copy of it regards B jones

  14. Blair Jones says:

    H I jones gunner was my uncle and came from Wrexham n wales

  15. Stuart Charlton says:

    Blair Jones PLEASE Contact me

  16. Stuart Charlton says:

    Stuart Charlton….

  17. Bev Davies says:

    My Great Uncle was Sgt John J.E. – M/U, he was part of the crew Tony Curtis mentions. Tony, we have spoken on Ancestry and I share OTU photo

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