Radio Operator

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Radio Operator

caption reads;
"He helps the navigator and, with the air gunner, does the fighting."

from Bomber Command book, 1941.

Photo probably taken by Cecil Beaton.

3 comments on “Radio Operator
  1. andyholmfirth says:

    Thats a cracking photo.Stuff like this is just priceless.

  2. Altass says:

    I`ve got Max Hasting`s history of Bomber Command up here Ian.

    I`d happily send you it down if you want.I`m having a clear out and would welcome the chance to send it to a good home…

    Agree with Andy with regard to the photos.Their life expectancy,especially in the early days, wasn`t up to much,was it ?

  3. Ian D B says:

    Thanks both. Alex, that’s a realy kind offer, thank you. Only last weekend I was leafing thru a copy in waterstones, was on the verge of buying it! what a coincidence. I’ll send you my address, thanks again.

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