The Red Arrows at Cosford 2012

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The Red Arrows

32 comments on “The Red Arrows at Cosford 2012
  1. Jainbow says:

    I think the Red Arrows are amazing!! As is this photo of them!! :~}

  2. bill_fawcett says:

    Fantastic Ian! Perfectly timed.

  3. crusader752 says:

    Very very good Sir 🙂

  4. Mustang Koji says:

    PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT! Great shot, Ian! I love it.

  5. redrocker_9 says:

    Just brilliant Ian!

  6. *Psycho Delia* says:

    Love it. Brilliant shot

  7. nondesigner59 says:

    Superbly captured..

  8. mick cooke says:

    stunning shot ian , brilliant

  9. pasujoba says:

    cracking shot Ian ..even better than I remember!

  10. The_Photo_Boy says:

    Nice one – ace shot

  11. cgullz says:

    how on earth did you manage that? gorgeous colour, great frame!!

  12. bazylek100 says:

    Excellent capture! Perfect timing.

  13. Travelling Man Photos says:

    No way !! Excellent shot really well captured

  14. janano2010 says:


  15. Stezzer says:

    WoW that’s a pretty awesome catch mate, looks like you were in a mountain or something… the symmetry and composition are exquisite ^_^

  16. Keartona says:

    Fab trails!

  17. SolarScot. says:

    this is a fabulous shot Ian

  18. gastephen says:


  19. Billy Currie says:

    Now that is pretty awesome, perfect shape for a photograph

  20. het broertje van.. says:

    This is beautiful Ian!!!


  21. Xerones says:

    Perfect position and perfect timing. Well done.

  22. Tech Owl says:

    I know you didn’t like the light but this worked out well!!

  23. Through Collette's eyes says:

    Superb shot – great clarity on the colours : )

  24. IANLAYZELLUK says:

    WOW, Amazing Image.

  25. Hotpix [LRPS] Hanx for 1.5M Views says:

    Wow, cool shot Ian!

  26. amyrey says:

    Super shot Ian……

    Would you be up for a ride in one of those I wonder…..

  27. stopherjones says:

    Perfect colours and timing, great shot Ian

  28. says:

    Perfectly lined up. Great colourful patriotic trails.

  29. "Clare" says:

    Awesome shot

  30. **Hazel** says:

    An awesome shot of the Red Arrows, Ian, love this view with the curl of red smoke, really tells the story with amazing timing!!

  31. April.Moulton says:

    Fanatstic shot!

  32. Soleil is me. says:

    So very beautiful; I would love to hang this art on the wall. So beautifully photograph; Have a wonderful day !
    Take care my artist friend,

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