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11 comments on “Spitfire
  1. Gary Shield says:

    Great shot Ian

  2. Tim Spicer Photography says:

    Great shot!

  3. ​favourite waste of time​ says:

    fabulous shot — love how the sky has disappeared.. aim for the bullseye, right?

  4. humilesspiritu says:

    nice, Ian. you’ve done justice to a great plane

  5. andyholmfirth says:

    Is ther a better looking aeroplane ?

  6. Ian D B says:


    Would I get lynched if I said ‘Yes, the P51 Mustang’?

  7. Tech Owl says:

    I still prefer the lines of the Spitfire – well caught here Ian.
    A ‘racing car’ profile

    You have an image worthy of preservation!
    Preserved for Posterity

    Preserved for Posterity
    Visual Preservation

  8. Pleasureprinciple2012 says:

    Would I get double lynched if I said "yes, the De Havilland Mosquito?"

    Classic Spit pose, no wonder it’s admired worldwide.

  9. Ian D B says:

    There’s a Mosquito in the museum at Duxford, as you no doubt know. TA 719 which I understand appeared in the films 633 Squadron and Mosquito Squadron. Need to watch them again!

    Took a couple of photos of TA 719 but they don’t do it any justice, sadly. I was surprised it was in the bumble-bee target towing paint scheme, until I read later that it was still in service as a target tug well into the 1950s, and appearing on film in the 60’s.

    Just seemed a bit of a come down for a Mossie tho.

  10. stuant63 says:

    Lovely looking machine. I do prefer these to the Mustang.
    Always liked to Tiger Moth a lot too though.

  11. dm.photo says:

    Great shot!

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