Memorial cross in Longdendale, Peak District, Derbyshire.

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Memorial cross in Longdendale, Peak District, Derbyshire

Refers to an area of about one square kilometre.

This cross is at the foot of Tintwistle Knarr, Peak District, England.

Drivers along the Woodhead Pass (A628) will pass close by this spot.

The Hurricanes were flying together through the haze above Manchester. From various accounts, it appears the lead Hurricane saw the hillside and managed to just pull up but too late and crashed flat on the hill. The two flying in close formation were watching the leader, naturally, and flew head on into the hillside. All three died instantly. Two were Belgian, one British. 22 February 1945.

Their names;
Sgt Ernest L Marien
Flight Sgt Marcel H L Orban
Sgt John V Robinson

2 comments on “Memorial cross in Longdendale, Peak District, Derbyshire.
  1. pasujoba says:

    Must revisit sometime and search further up the slope . Found the main pool and 2crash ‘hollows’ but the third eluded me and I suspect wreckage may still exsist that has not been pooled.

  2. gastephen says:

    Great textures in this shot

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