F-86 Sabres XD707 and XD730

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F-86 Sabres XD707 and XD730

Engine of one of the F-86 Sabre jets which crashed on Kinder Scout. The other engine is some metres away and stuck fast in a water logged hole.

23 comments on “F-86 Sabres XD707 and XD730
  1. SolarScot. says:

    A sad reminder of young lives lost Ian

  2. Richard Tierney says:

    As per Ian nice job…. day off Friday? lucky with the weather 🙂 Kinder Scout how many lives has this place claimed over the years 🙁

  3. andyholmfirth says:

    Looks like some piece of contemporary sculpture stranded in the bog.

  4. Ian D B says:

    Thanks guys. Got some catching up to do…

    re; Friday off – this was sunday – just noticed, I must have the date set wrong on my camera! That’s two days behind, and my watch is two days in front, and they’re talking about changing BST again… I can’t keep up.

  5. pasujoba says:

    These are great shots Ian , the flash as lifted them completely giving a different feel from mine , which are very dark (both meanings) . I think the images definately improve with the flash . Particuarily the lead shot .
    Well done on finding an appropriate contemporary image , I searched for hours and found very little .

  6. **Hazel** says:

    Great shot Ian, so well lit!! A sad reminder of a tragic day!!!

  7. Reflective Kiwi %-) says:

    Wow! Fantastic capture! It is always interesting reading and seeing your shots! %-)

  8. jr55 (John Richardson) says:

    I still am amazed how many aircraft are still on the hills, thanks for posting, always had a soft spot for RAF Sabres but this one had a tragic end.

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  9. C J Paul (chris) says:

    brilliant work ian .
    as a group of images the picture’s are amazing from the background hills to the reflection of the engine.
    and as always the info and history are brilliant.
    you do work very hard and it shows well done ian
    favorite and if i could give it more i would.:)

  10. P.A.B. says:

    Nice work again Ian, I paticularly like the image of the landing gear..

  11. mick cooke says:

    nice one ian , great photos

  12. Keartona says:

    I’m amazed I’ve never seen these bits from my traipsing around this area.

  13. het broertje van.. says:

    Lovely series Ian…………………..your light in the first one is more then brilliant man!!!


  14. gastephen says:

    Yeah, nice work, Ian

  15. McAlister says:

    Super shot, and a timely reminder of lives lost.

  16. het broertje van.. says:

    Thanks Ian………………..and MUF is indeed the right word!!


  17. Gary Shield says:

    Amazing shot

  18. A F Images says:

    Wow.Excellent work !!!

  19. EverydayTuesday says:

    Wow! Amazing find! Nice work.

  20. CORDAN says:

    Interesting series Ian. I think here they would gather it all up and take it to a hanger somewhere. Even the private pilots planes will get carted away. It so interesting to see the wreckage still here. A silent testimony. Thanks for sharing these.

  21. ​favourite waste of time​ says:

    oddly beautiful image

  22. Lazenby43 says:

    Always facinated by these shots and the stories.

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