Lancaster bomber PA411

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Lancaster bomber PA411

Tintwistle Knarr, Dark Peak, Derbyshire.

Avro Lancaster PA411 crash site.
20 December 1948 on a training night flight from RAF Lindholme. All 7 crew were killed in the crash.

Also near here 3 RAF Hurricanes crashed in 1945 and in 1944 a USAAF P38 Lightning also crashed within a few hundred metres of this spot.

Looking towards Manchester.

Flight Sergeant Jack Sherwood Thompson, pilot
Flight Lieutenant Peter Maurice Maskell, navigator
Flight Sergeant Robert Smith, signaller
Flight Sergeant Vincent Graham, Flight Engineer
Sergeant William Allen Love, Signaller
Flight Lieutenant Thomas Lowerth Johnson, Instructor
Flight Sergeant David William Henry Harris, Instructor

5 comments on “Lancaster bomber PA411
  1. Tech Owl says:

    Lovely contrast between the wreckage and the beautiful countryside surrounding

  2. Artbytephoto says:

    Sad little spot

  3. Barry Love says:

    My Great Uncle William A Love perished in this crash… Rest In Pace, Uncle W… 🙁

  4. Dan says:

    We went and paid our respects this weekend. We spent a while looking out to Manchester, a lovely place.

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