USAAF B24J Liberator 42-52003, Mill Hill, Kinder Scout, England.

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Crashed on Mill Hill, Derbyshire, England, after a shaky take off.
Sgt Najvar & 2 Lt Creighton Haopt of USAAF both survived the crash. 11 October 1944.
This was a brand new B24 on its delivery flight. Took 3 attempts to get off the ground and was damaged in the process. Flying through cloud, Sgt Najvar had apparently noticed the aircraft was close to the ground and advised the pilot to climb. The latter nodded as if he understood, but did not alter position and the aircraft flew into the hillside. Differing reports have the two airmen walking away from the crash, to Sgt Najvar waking up in hospital a few days later.

4 comments on “USAAF B24J Liberator 42-52003, Mill Hill, Kinder Scout, England.
  1. Tony-H says:

    Thanks for the story, Ian. Very interesting.

  2. Tech Owl says:

    Quite a collection!

  3. stuant63 says:

    I’m always amazed at the fact that the vegetation does not grow back very quickly at these sites. Look at all that bare ground after 60 years!
    Amazing collection of crash site images.

  4. Ian D B says:


    You’re absolutely right about that. The fuel from Hawker Hunter G-BYTL (below) has so polluted the peat surrounding the impact crater that nothing grows there, though nice green stuff is growing on the surface of the water.


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