C-47 42-108982, near Glossop, Peak District

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C-47 42-108982, near Glossop, Peak District

Came down on Western buttress of Bleaklow, Derbyshire, England, killing all 7 crew July 1945.

This bit of debris was previously believed to be part of the fuselage – see this thread on pistonheads where it can be seen that this is in fact the leading edge of the port wing.

The Dakota crashed on James Thorn, just metres away from where Lancaster KB993 had crashed a couple of months earlier. Much of the wreckage was pushed down the hill and into Ashton Clough, so that passing aircraft would not report it as a new crash.

Below; part of the undercarriage


Impact point


2 comments on “C-47 42-108982, near Glossop, Peak District
  1. Lance says:

    Ian, thank you again for all of this information. I am now very keen to undertake a walk around all of the crash sites around Glossop. The superfortress is well documented for its location, but could you provide rough grid references for this and other planes? I must say I am pretty shocked that so much has been removed from these sites as these are the location where brave air personnel lost their lives. Its been a pleasure to look at these photographs.

    • Ian D B says:

      Hi Lance, on the page with all the photos of Over Exposed I have added the grid ref snd directions but I will take a look and get back to you with some more later today with those around Glossop. Are there any others in particular? There are lots of crash sites around Bleaklow and Kinder.

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