Avro Anson N9853, Kinder Scout

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Avro Anson N9853, Kinder Scout

Crew and passengers survived;

Flight Lieutenant Aleksander Chelstowski, pilot

Flight Sergeant Stefan Pasinski, wireless operator

Flight Lieutenant Melcinski, passenger

Flight Lieutenant Wotold Siuda, passenger

Flying Officer Jan LKlimczak, passenger

Sixth passenger unidentified.

11 December 1944.
This aircraft was crewed by two men of the Polish Air Force under the command of the RAF. Flight Lieutenant Chelstowski, an experienced pilot, took off from RAF Newton near Nottingham but immediately became lost in low cloud. Deciding to fly beneath the cloud, he lost height but although Chelstowski knew how close Nottingham is to the Peak District, he did not expect to have travelled so far. Upon descending, the aircraft hit the snow covered moor. Although the subsequent inquiry found Flight Lieutenant Chelstowski guilty of gross negligence, and his commanding officer had recommend he never fly again, he went on to have a very distinguished remainder of the war and was decorated 4 times.

Details from PEAKLAND AIR CRASHES – THE NORTH (2006) by Pat Cunningham.

2 comments on “Avro Anson N9853, Kinder Scout
  1. Tech Owl says:

    Not so much debris here but it looks like quite a gouge on the landscape

  2. mick cooke says:

    ian your photos are great and also the stories that go with them its a bit of history that people seem to forget what happened over the peak district

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