Wellington bomber R1011 on Bleaklow, Peak District.

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Wellington R1011

Crashed in poor visibility on 30 January 1943. 2 of the 5 crew survived.
Flight Lieutenant Anthony Winter Lane, Pilot Officer Charles Douglas Brown, and Sgt Raymond Gerard Rouse were killed. Pilot Officer Grisdale and Sgt Miller were injured.
This was a training flight. Those killed were in the nose of the Wellington.

Details from Peakland Air Crashes – the North (2006) by Pat Cunningham

Photo below, visit July 2020

4 comments on “Wellington bomber R1011 on Bleaklow, Peak District.
  1. Tech Owl says:

    Are there many of these type of info ‘memorials’

  2. Ian D B says:

    Hi Bryan, many sites are marked by a small cairn and/or memorial plaque. More common are simple wooden crosses, with the number of the aircraft and perhaps the crew list.

    But many are just small heaps of gradually diminishing wreckage, which part explains my current obsession with visiting and photographing them before they disappear altogether.

  3. Benoit Foisy says:

    What you are doing is really moving. You should get a medal for this, sir.

  4. cgullz says:

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/maycontaintracesofnuts] super cool that you started this project so long ago and still got the mojo.

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