Wellington X3348 on Edale Moor.

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Wellington X3348 on Edale Moor.

The Canadian crew of this Wellington had successfully bombed U-Boat pens in Lorient, France and were returning to their base near Darlington on 26 January 1943. Due to navigational errors in poor weather, Pilot Officer Carl A Taylor (an American with the RCAF) descended through the cloud expecting to see the flat farmland of Teesside.

All 6 crew members survived the crash.

Pilot Officer Carl A Taylor, RCAF, pilot
Sergeant G.T. Southwood, RCAF, second pilot
Pilot Officer D Martin, RCAF, navigator
Pilot Officer Donald R Mortimer, RCAF, bomb aimer
Sergeant A P Deane, RCAF, wireless operator
Sergeant W Lumsden, RCAF, air gunner

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