Air Raids & Bomb Sites

Air raids and air defence, Northern England.

Prestwich Sloopy’s map of WWII sites around North Manchester

Some videos

Manchester Blitz. Film made by the co-op which shows many places photographed above. At 10.18 there is a shot of a roof spotter.

Private colour film by an ARP warden

The Blitz in colour by itnnews

‘What to do in an air raid’ one minute public info film

Air Raid, Portsmouth, British Pathé

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  1. Doug says:

    Ian -I just discovered your blog and website and it is fascinating. I have been researching the V-1 for years and have never seen anything quite like it. I will have a million questions for you but I will start with one. When you are investigating the V-1 crash sites do you find that certain bits survive the explosion and or the impact? thank you

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