Then & Now; Quarry Road, Bootle 1940 and 2013

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Liverpool Blitz

Then & Now; Quarry Road, Bootle 1940 and 2013

Not a great job of lining up the images here, have had to bend them a bit and this image doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny.

Original photo used with kind permission of Liverpool Record Office, Liverpool Libraries.

5 comments on “Then & Now; Quarry Road, Bootle 1940 and 2013
  1. paul says:

    this one works really well Ian . It could be an almost endless task trying to do this wioth all the bomb site photos that exsist

  2. rob finch says:

    I think you may be a tad too self-critical Ian as you definitely have the knack on doing these and it still amazes me how intriguing it looks when you combine the two 🙂

  3. Ang Wickham says:

    If that were my house, that I lived in now, and I saw this recreation – I’d be pretty freaked. I think that shows how effective this form of editing is!

  4. stopherjones says:

    Great blending, Ian, really effective, another great addition to the series

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