Winteringham Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery (Scunthorpe H8)

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Scunthorpe H8 Anti Aircraft Battery

These red brick structures, now keeping bales of hay off the ground, were a WWII Heavy Anti-aircraft gun emplacement dating from 1941.

There were 4 guns with a command post, now partly filled with soil and rubble. There was originally an identification telescope, the predictor and the height finder which fed information to the plotting room which was the largest room in the covered part of the command post.

Towards the end of the war it housed Italian and German prisoners of war. Afterwards it became a squatter camp used by demobbed service men and families made homeless by bombing.

Notes courtesy of Highy

Below; Gun mount

3 comments on “Winteringham Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery (Scunthorpe H8)
  1. paul says:

    They look in suprisingly good condition . not withstanding the equpment etc having been removed of course .

  2. ang wickham says:

    Great colour in your shot, and my first impression – sadly, was how comical the scene looked. It’s something to think about I guess, it was used in the past for all sorts of things, and is still being used for something [agriculture, far from it’s original intention]! I know i’m a purist when it comes to some things, but for a Battery, I guess this is just another story in it’s life. Perhaps less tragedy felt here than at crash sites, and the respect they are duly deserved?

    • Ian D B says:

      Yes none of that emotion here and as you say, it is one of its uses. In future it may well serve another purpose?

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