Then & Now; Great Charlotte Street, Liverpool.

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Liverpool Blitz.

Great Charlotte Street Liverpool after the Blitz of May 1941. I have manipulated the original image somewhat to counter the errors I made while trying to determine the exact spot and focal length used by the original photographer.

Original photo used with kind permission of Liverpool Record Office, Liverpool Libraries.

8 comments on “Then & Now; Great Charlotte Street, Liverpool.
  1. Ang Wickham says:

    Great display! That fur coat is an era-piece for sure, also a great contrast between the ladies of the past wearing skirts, and the modern young girls in jeans. Having a blend of era-people brings another thought to the fore – not just the change in buildings and what happened to them during the bomb raids – but also, that people make up the story as well. Well done.

    • Ian D B says:

      Thanks Ang! It was the people in the original photo that appealed to me and had me seek out this spot.

  2. stopherjones says:

    This works really well – agree that the combination of people from the past and present really adds something to the technique. The blending on the building is superb – so difficult to get the dimensions right in camera

  3. Robin says:

    Striking collage, Ian. Very well done. I like the idea to include the “now and then” passers-by mixed in a single picture.

  4. Sue Smith says:

    Thanks for this photo, Ian. My grandfather, George Firth was in reserved occupation during wwII and was a fire watcher and at times would be on the very roof of the Lewis’s department store in your photo. Luckily, not on that night. He would be picked up by lorry and taken to Liverpool from St. Helens to fire watch. I have his pass for entry into the Liverpool docks area and assorted papers which I presume had to be shown to the police and other authorities.

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