Building a public Air Raid Shelter.

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Building a public Air Raid Shelter, Salford

Regent Street, Eccles, Salford. The original was probably taken in the spring of 1940 as Manchester and Salford prepared for the arrival of the Luftwaffe.

It is now underneath the Metrolink tram lines and this section of Regent Street no longer has access for vehicles because of the raised platform.

I think I have the position correct, but as there is nothing in the foreground to match the image (and because I do not know what the focal length used in the original was) I may be a bit out. I could only line it up with the buildings on the other side of the road, all of which all remain.

32 comments on “Building a public Air Raid Shelter.
  1. mick cooke says:

    brilliant work ian

  2. nondesigner59 says:

    Great work Ian.. Very creative.

  3. amyrey says:

    You are so good at this stuff. Superb concept…. really gives the old and new added context.

  4. Gizzardtreedude says:

    I agree with the above, absolutely brilliant work. You truly are a talented and creative chap 🙂

  5. SolarScot. says:

    The merging is fantastic Ian

  6. Billy Currie says:

    Great work Ian, so interesting to see the comparison

  7. *Psycho Delia* says:

    Very clever work Ian.

  8. mickb6265 says:

    very impressive,ian..really like it,mate….

  9. Jainbow says:

    This is clever – I love what you’ve done here! :~}

  10. rob of rochdale says:

    These are superb Ian. I loved your Berlin ones but these, perhaps because they are closer to home, are just wonderful!

  11. pasujoba says:

    It looks on the money Ian ……this is even better than the last one , i can see you have found a niche here . The idea works so well with your WW2 connected shots. I reckon you will be giving that Luftwaffe over Manchester book some scrutiny over the coming weeks 🙂

  12. gastephen says:

    more good stuff!

  13. Keartona says:

    It looks right.

  14. cgullz says:

    astonishing. love how the ‘cut’ of the bw makes it look a natural feature in the shot – almost like a wormhole through time [mixing up my sciences i think]. very cool, love the old style clothes against the modern setting. your style of work here truly gets the mind ticking over, a great thing.

  15. cgullz says:

    o … [] and what Paul said re: niche.

  16. stopherjones says:

    Superb work again, Ian, really does anchor the past in the present and vice versa
    And nice to see a construction site with some actual construction going on! 😉

  17. P_H_I_L_L says:

    I can only agree with everyone else. Brilliant once again Ian. All these, would make an interesting book, would be very educational too for local children. Kind of thing that you could get a lottery heritage fund grant for…

  18. C J Paul (chris) says:


  19. IANLAYZELLUK says:

    Such clever work.

  20. Kingsdude/Dave says:

    These are truly brilliant images Ian – keep up the good work !!

  21. Neal. says:

    Used to be loads of these in the gardens in the next street when we were kids.

  22. McAlister says:

    This is fantastic! I love what you’ve done here – we’re hoping to do similar on a work thing I’m working on. It really lets people see change over time.

  23. David Fox047 says:

    A brilliant piece of detective work, photography and research

  24. Ian D B says:

    Great to read all your comments folks.

    I got some funny looks from people waiting for the tram, as I snapped away, checked the original photo, then snapped some more. Their frowns were saying "What the **** is he photographing?"

  25. Stezzer says:

    fascinating, I know where this is, wonderful work

  26. Benoit Foisy says:

    Historians should use your work, Ian.

  27. comiquaze says:

    This is brilliantly epic!

  28. gnome.service says:

    Excellent lining up. Have you seen the work of Sergey Lenkov and of Nick Stone?

  29. Ian D B says:

    Hi gnome.service

    Many thanks for your comment and sorry for the late reply, somehow missed this…

    Thank you for the link, that is a fine set of images. I am very familiar with Nick’s stuff, he is a good contact and his coverage of the Norwich blitz is wonderful (he has kindly given me a few boosts via his Twitter pages in the past too).

    As for Sergey Larenkov, it was his photo of Red Army officers on the steps of the Reichstag which inspired me to have a go at something similar when I visited Berlin;

    Olympic Stadium, Berlin, Then & Now.

  30. jogon_jogon says:

    Really nice work thanks.
    We’re centred on Leeds so I don’t know your locations but the old morphed onto new is quite startling.

    How is it done/what do you use?
    Not techie but colleagues might try to put eg a 1950’s Tram into Middleton Woods.


  31. Ian D B says:

    [] Thanks Rick, I have sent you a flickrmail with some tips.

  32. jogon_jogon says:

    Thank you

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