Lancaster NE132

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Lancaster NE132 near Harlech.

6 February 1945. Lancaster NE132 was on a cross country night navigation exercise when the aircraft broke up in mid-air and crashed to the ground killing all 7 crewmen.

The accident investigation report concluded the aircraft had entered a storm cloud and probably in trying to pull out of a dive, the stresses on the airframe caused it to break up. Such was the force of impact that the bodies of two crew members (F/O Evans and Sgt Gash) were never found. Debris from the crash was found up to 3 miles from the main impact site which is half way up the mountain of Rhinog Fawr, 4 miles south east of Harlech.

The grid reference is SH 63740 28880.

In the lead photo, the debris is strewn among the line of rocks running left to right. Much of it is shattered and twisted showing the force of the impact. A scout about to the south and east of the main wreck site will reveal more debris.

F/O David Henry Robert Evans, RAAF, Pilot
F/O Maxwell Walter Moon, RAAF, Navigator
Sgt. Charles William Souden, RAF, Bomb Aimer
Sgt. George Edward William Hodge Flight, RAF, Engineer
Sgt. Arthur David Gash, RAF, Air Gunner
Sgt. Harold Nielsen Air, RAF, Air Gunner
Sgt. Alfred Ernest Oliff, RAF, Air Gunner/Wireless Op

Below; Bullet found at the site, twisted by the impact.

Below; Some of the crew of NE132.


Below; Propeller hub with remains of prop blade still visible.

7 comments on “Lancaster NE132
  1. Nick Carter says:

    Please note following a typing error in R.A.F. documentation the
    name of Alfred Ernest Oliff was incorrectly put as Cliff.
    He was my mothers younger brother, could you please correct your entry
    Regards Nick Carter.

  2. Martin gash says:

    My uncle Arthur Gash is in the middle of the picture my family only discovered a few years ago websites with a memorial to the crew.

  3. Ray Preston says:

    Arthur Gash was my cousin and my mothers nephew, and, brother to Sheila. He was due to spend his next leave with us and I can remember the tears and sadness when we heard the news. I was nine years old at the time.

  4. Chris Williams says:

    David Evans was the elder brother of my great aunt Jocelyn (herself in the WAAAF at the time). Family members scattered her ashes at the crash site earlier this year. Thanks for collecting this info.

    • Ian D B says:

      Lovely to read of your great aunt Jocelyn’s ashes being scattered at the crash site, thank you for adding this detail Chris.
      Best wishes to you and your family.

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