RN Fairey Barracuda MD963 on Close Moss, Marsden, West Yorkshire.

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RN Fairey Barracuda MD963

Not much is known about this accident. Pilot Sub-Lieutenant George Henry Ambler died in the crash on 29 July 1945. Cunningham says there was a witness however, a rambler who saw the Barracuda appear from the clouds. The pilot suddenly saw the ground and pulled away in a tight turn. However, Sub-Lieutenant Ambler apparently pulled a bit too hard, and the rambler saw that as the Barracuda banked, it stalled and fell to the ground, exploding on impact.

The Barracuda was based at Royal Naval Air Station Dunino Station Flight, but flown from RNAS Donibristle near Dunfermline.

Pule Hill and the Carriage House inn beyond.


This photo appears in the photobook Marsden Moods.
See www.northernmoods.co.uk/

(thanks Andy)

Details from Peakland Air Crashes – The North by Pat Cunningham (2006).

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