Nuclear Attack Monitoring Posts, Lancashire

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More ROC Posts in Lancashire.

For some general details about these places, please see this previous post;
Nuclear Monitoring Posts.

The one above is at Mellor. The column in the middle is a viewpoint built to celebrate the start of the Millenium. Salmesbury airfield is very close by. On the entry hatch this plaque gives some helpful details.


Below; A close up of the entry hatch, FSM pipe and ventilation hatch without the viewpoint stone in the frame.


Below; This photo – with the sheep digging the ROC post – was taken at Dunsop Bridge in the Forest of Bowland


And the one below is near Longridge, with an FSM (Fixed Survey Meter) pipe extended. These devices were to monitor radiation levels after an attack.


2 comments on “Nuclear Attack Monitoring Posts, Lancashire
  1. Paul says:

    Hi Ian ,
    These look great . the sky and colour of the lead shot are particuarily good . It was a great day out . I guess they never got in touch back at the old Command post

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