RB29 ‘Over Exposed!’ on Bleaklow.

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Below; a large bit of wreckage dumped a couple of hundred yards from the crash site on the way back to the Pennine Way. Probably the people carrying it intended to sell it on e-bay or maybe add it to their garden shed collection. Either way, it was obviously too much effort to get it to the car and too much effort to take it back where they lifted it from.


4 comments on “RB29 ‘Over Exposed!’ on Bleaklow.
  1. Andy Fleet says:

    Hi Ian, been doing a bit of delving and I’m certain that that large piece halfway across the moor is part of the crawl tunnel which was basically a tube that connected the pressurised cabin with the rear most section of the aircraft. Cheers Andy.

  2. Andy Fleet says:

    I did Ian, many thanks, a great shot of us all together. Looking back I wish you and I had nipped off down the track and retrieved that piece, maybe next time.

    • Ian D B says:

      Yeah I thought about that too. Next time, aye! Give me a shout if you are ever back up north or north Wales.

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