November 2018

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4 comments on “November 2018
  1. Lee Myers says:

    Nice to meet you up there today Ian, thanks for the info about the site. Nice images too, the light was a bit hit and miss but these are spot on.

    • Ian D B says:

      Likewise Lee. Happy to add a page of yours and Josh’s photos if you like – I will give credit naturally! After seeing Josh’s macro photos, I’d be very interested to see his take on OverExposed!

  2. lee myers says:

    I will let you know when we have had a look through the images, I will let Josh know too as i’m sure he will be pleased to share his work too. Josh does love his macro and the next challenge he has set himself is a real go at Focus Stacking, he has even bought his own focus rail this week with his birthday money.

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