Superfortress 44-61999 ‘Over-Exposed!’ Air Crash Site on Bleaklow

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19 March 2011

One comment on “Superfortress 44-61999 ‘Over-Exposed!’ Air Crash Site on Bleaklow
  1. Alan Jones says:

    When I first visited the site at the beginning of the sixties I seem to recall more fuselage remains, even a perspex window in one section. Over the years afterwards, whether there was an attempt to cover the wreckage at some point I don’t know, but the remains seemed less visible and more sunken into the peat layer. I have not been through the crash site for many years now, I used to compete in a fell race that traversed Bleaklow roughly north to south. The route went a few hundred yards to the north east of the spot so I never crossed the debris area again in nearly thirty years. Recent photos, especially an aerial view of this part of Bleaklow and not included in this collection, show an incredible and alarming erosion of the peat down to the gritty rocky layer underneath. Many more pieces now seem to be revealed than I ever saw before. I remember the whole area from Higher Shelf Stones across to Hern Stones and beyond as a very boggy area, now you would hardly get your boots dirty.

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