former Reich Air Ministry, Berlin

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former Reich Air Ministry

Goring’s building famously survived the war almost without being hit by bombs or shells. Now Finance Ministry.

What was Prinz Albrecht Strasse on the left.

Location used in the film Valkyrie

8 comments on “former Reich Air Ministry, Berlin
  1. Pawel Sawicki says:

    Architectural document of the passed era.

  2. richardr says:

    I assume it only survived demolition due to the need for government buildings when much of Berlin had been comprehensively flattened.

    1-2-3 History

  3. Corwin's Trumps says:

    I is it irony, coincidence or something else that the air ministry evaded aerial attack?

  4. gastephen says:

    That’s no-nonsense architecture.

    Nice shot.



  5. pasujoba says:

    It certainly has an empirical air about it .

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