Crash site of RB-29A ‘Over-Exposed’, 08 August 2020

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3 comments on “Crash site of RB-29A ‘Over-Exposed’, 08 August 2020
  1. Dave Lambert says:

    We visited the site today I left my poppy there and had a few minutes silence Never take life for granted. It was the first time we had been there Dave and Pam Chester Uk

  2. Terry David Moore says:

    Thank you for your comments as to the overall reverence of the site.
    My Father was SSgt David Devere Moore, the Radar operator on ” Overexposed “.
    He was a WW2 Vet and flew out of England during the War in B-24’s, in an Anti Submarine unit.
    Myself, Terry David Moore, age 75 and my Brother Tom Moore, age 73, are the only 2 surviving direct relatives of David Devere Moore.
    My Brother Tom was born Nov. 3, 1947, his 1st birthday was on the date of the crash.
    My Mother, Doris Moore died in 1970.
    She had not re-married.

    The Aircraft was about 3 miles off course to the North.
    Likely in heavy mist and fog that day.
    Perhaps they had not completely allowed for a head wind blowing that day.
    Descending a bit early, having not allowed completely for the head wind, and being a few miles North meant that they found 2061 ft. Bleaklow Hill and not the clear air they sought……

    3 days later they would have all 13 been sent home to the US, as their assignment was to be completed.
    Life is ironic and not always the best.

    The survivors families of that crew are still feeling the effects to this day.
    David Devere Moore is buried at Arlington National Cemetary in Washington, D.C., section 12.
    I have not visited the crash site but my Son David ( Named after my Father ) has visited.
    I would still like to visit the Site but the years may be getting the best of me now.
    Thank you any and all for have visited the Site and shown your respects.
    Thank You, Terry David Moore

    • Ian D B says:

      Hi Terry,

      Thank you for visiting this webpage and for your thoughts about your father and the crash. A number of relatives of those on board this acraft have been in touch over the years. It is always humbling to read their comments.

      I should get back up there myself, I try to visit once a year at least.

      I hope you and your family are well,


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