Sauce. November 13th 1918

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A R Christmas, Crewe + France 13/11/18

24 comments on “Sauce. November 13th 1918
  1. Neal. says:

    Super, I love little glimpses into the past like this and who-ever drew this had a great talent, I wonder if he went on to use it. There was a regiment called the Artists Rifles and had loads of well known artists fighting in it, changed days.

  2. andyholmfirth says:

    A real piece of history ! What a find Ian.This kind of work should be on display in a museum for people to see and read all about it.Wonderful ! Great idea to post it on Flickr too.

  3. Tony-H says:

    What a lovely set … this one really made me smile, the Officer making a fool of himself just when he wants to look suave 🙂

  4. Elisabeth0320 says:

    Beautiful !! Great story too TFS

    Seen in

  5. Keartona says:

    Ha ha!!!

  6. ​favourite waste of time​ says:

    this one is simply adorable.. Oh my!! wonder who drew this.

  7. richardr says:

    It is a bit like a What The Butler Saw machine…

    1-2-3 History

  8. pasujoba says:

    Its superb …..really …..surely a museum would be interested in such a human object with connections to the great war.

  9. Deputy Don says:

    Fascinating slice of history, indeed it does deserve to see the light of day!

  10. tadge o' delph says:

    These are brilliant . . . don’t know why but I love all this bygone stuff. This lot reminds me of the lovely sketches at Plas Newydd by Rex Whistler which is a sort of documentary of the times, and the underlying love story (his love for Lady Caroline Paget). Of course, Whistlers paintings/murals are stunning works of art, but there are numerous sketches that are simpler but delightful. As Sonja says, wouldn’t it be brilliant to trace some of the relatives ;o)

  11. het broertje van.. says:

    Great stuff Ian…………….thanks for this peak in the past man!!!

  12. Tech Owl says:

    Mavellous stuff – hope there is more to come?

  13. sidewinder54 (Closed For Business) says:

    There is so much artistic talent shown in these few pages, totally absorbing.

    Superb presentation as always Ian.

  14. Billy Currie says:

    You are a wealth of knowledge, superb

  15. Corwin's Trumps says:

    I find it fascinating that this was made two days after the Armistice.

    Seen in 1-2-3 History (post 1, comment on 2, view 3) (?)

  16. SolarScot. says:

    fabulous memento of times long gone

  17. Pleasureprinciple2012 says:

    You are a lucky man to get hold of this, and us, for you sharing on flickr. The people of that era had a much more refined way of writing and drawing as is evidenced by this excellent set of images on your stream. Nice.

  18. Stezzer says:

    What a marvelous saucy sketch and write up ^_^. Thank you so much for taking part in Jackanory Weekly my friend ~_^

    Seen and heard
    in Jackanory Weekly

  19. Ian D B says:

    Cheers mate. Story telling with photos is my thing!

  20. Jacqi B says:

    How wonderful!
    Seen in JackanoryWeekly.

  21. cgullz says:

    that must be what Pauls like when he sees French Maid outfits!

  22. Ian D B says:

    It is what I am like, dunno about Paul!

    Thanks for viewing these pages Ang, and I am very grateful too for the effort you have made with the group. Paul is too, I know coz he told me, you’re a star.

  23. Bill Fawcett says:

    Wonderful cartoon and what an interest snippet of history. Hope we see more from the album.

    • Ian D B says:

      Thanks Bill. Alas these were the only copies I made, these few pages. Placing the album on the scanner risked loosening the pages from the spine so I only dd a handful.


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