Past – Present – Future

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8 comments on “Past – Present – Future
  1. andyholmfirth says:

    1919 ! What wise words….

  2. Keartona says:

    This kind of thing is the nearest to having a time machine.
    Not only words with a beautiful and poignant sentiment but look at how elegant the handwriting is too.

  3. pasujoba says:

    Words of wisdom

  4. sidewinder54 (Closed For Business) says:

    Beautifully written words with such poignancy!!

  5. Pleasureprinciple2012 says:

    Written beautifully in both senses.

  6. Billy Currie says:

    Beautiful writing, we have lost that skill.

  7. Tech Owl says:

    Superb piece of history

    You have an image worthy of preservation!
    Preserved for Posterity

    Preserved for Posterity
    Visual Preservation

  8. cgullz says:

    that is fantastic. a kind of honest truth to this, before such things have become bandied about nowadays like ‘living in the moment’ and such.

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