May all your troubles be little ones

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4 comments on “May all your troubles be little ones
  1. andyholmfirth says:

    I’ll second that !

  2. fulvue says:

    Maybe we can identify some of the signatures. Since they were all overseas, in a theatre of war, there is a chance they served during the qualifying time for earning the usual campaign medals – British War Medal and Victory Medal. Since they have given their regiment, and some of these are not "common’ names it looks possible to ID at least a few of them.

    Common to them is the fact that they are Royal Engineers. And when looking further, they are specifically in the transport section of the RE (roads, waterways, railways, etc). Also Audricq was apparently a training camp (Eperlocques training area) for the British Army.

    So we have those that we can be fairly sure are the right ones:

    Edgar S Hunwick
    Sapper, WR 269559, RE
    (previously Sapper 132329, RE and Sapper 257253, RE) .

    John G Godridge
    Corporal WR 126032, RE
    (previously Cpl 306329, RE and Cpl 8936, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry).

    Alfred R. christmas
    Sapper WR 261650, RE
    (previously Sapper 210246, RE)


    Since these were all in the transport section RE (WR perfixes to their army numbers) then it is likely the next chap is the correct one, but it is a guess….

    John J. MacFarlane
    Sapper WR 271660, RE
    (previously Sapper 269723, RE).


    Of the remainder, there is not sufficient info to make a positive ID of their likely army service.

    It adds some further interest to know who these chaps were.

  3. Ian D B says:


    It certainly does add interest, thank you very much for going to the trouble of detailing all this. If I still had the album I’d be able to provide more (this half dozen is just a sample, didn’t want to scan too many for fear of damaging it).
    Great stuff, thanks again.

  4. cgullz says:

    wonderful. love how these are dated too.

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