Above; Composite photo I made of the crash site of Luftwaffe Ju88 4U + BL, east of Dolgellau, Wales. See here for more photos, map, grid reference and story.

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Most recent updates
04 December 2017 The Saga of White 11 – new page added with words and pictures by Peter G Nield recording the history of a Luftwaffe Bf109 shot down over Kent and toured around the North-west of England as with Black 2 below.
03 December 2017 New images added of Bf109 Black 2 on tour in the North west of England in 1940 to raise money to build Spitfires
26 November 2017 Heavy AA gun emplacements around Manchester
25 November 2017 Glen Mill PoW camp at Oldham

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Contact – it’s always good to hear from the relatives of those involved or people who recall these incidents and can add to the story.

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Aircrashsites.co.uk on TV. ‘Inside Out’ screened on BBC1 – 25 January 2016 (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire) and 01 February 2016 (North West). Video used with kind permission of BBC.