Crash site of Hurricane PG472 near Bolton, Lancashire

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Crash site of Hurricane PG472 near Bolton, Lancashire

In the distance you can see the Winter Hill transmission tower.

February 2nd, 1945. Two 21 year old Hurricane pilots with orders to undertake flying exercises within the vicinity of their base at RAF Calverley in Cheshire, immediately flew North in formation. 20 minutes later, Flight Sergeant Thomas Stanley Taylor and Warrant Officer Norman Thomas Huckle crashed into each other at about 6,000 feet in cloud and dived to the ground north of Bolton in Lancashire. Both men were killed. Warrant Officer Huckle’s Hurricane came down close by, at Horrocks Fold Farm.

A factory worker later responded to a newspaper appeal for information and said that a colleague of hers had been engaged to one of the pilots; they were going to give the factory girls an unauthorised air display but alas they never arrived.

Grid reference SD 68832 14134

Relatives of Flight Sergeant Taylor please see comment and photo here by Norman Hodgson

3 comments on “Crash site of Hurricane PG472 near Bolton, Lancashire
  1. Ian D B says:

    You have been here, you came with me one evening. The night you got that cracking photo of the RAF Mustang site at sunset.

  2. Ang Wickham says:

    is this recent this shot? definately speaks of a hot summer that’s for sure. perhaps Paul doesn’t recognise the site due the amazing weather! great pov, beautiful colours and nicely captured site. sad ending for these two boys, and their families.

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