Weaste Cemetery, Salford

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Weaste Cemetery, Salford

Peering through a shrapnel hole in a headstone…

More photos from Weaste Cemetery, Salford where the headstones still show the damage done during the Christmas Blitz of 1940.

19 comments on “Weaste Cemetery, Salford
  1. Ian D B says:

    These headstones are about here on this Google map

    Period photo showing a bomb crater.




  2. stiemer says:

    That is really interesting, never seen nothing like this before.

  3. Gizzardtreedude says:

    Good grief, some fair old chunks taken out the stones

  4. cgullz says:

    great series, awesome concept that top shot with the framing! the series gives a good indication of just how dangerous it would have been to be there .. lucky these fullas are already dead i guess.

  5. pasujoba says:

    That is incredible and like Simon , I have never seen anything like it before your shots !
    That is a great lead shot , just up my street TBH have a thing about taking pics through holes and such .

  6. EverydayTuesday says:

    A very interesting series. Perfectly captured.

  7. bill_fawcett says:

    The noise from the bomb must have been loud enough to wake the dead! Wonderful series of photo Ian, you have a fantastic ‘eye’ for the unusual pov!

  8. Tech Owl says:

    Amazing what you find … not the general you but you Ian! lol.
    From the top shot I thought – that is a clean shrapnel hole but then realised the defocus effect. As I said, amazing

  9. amyrey says:

    Needless to say, the effect on living flesh and bone would have been horrific.

  10. gastephen says:

    nice framing and POV, Ian

  11. nondesigner59 says:

    Great framing..
    (PC broken so not uploading for a while, but will try to keep up.)

  12. mick cooke says:

    wow ian brilliant photos and history

  13. Orchids love rainwater says:

    Great framing Ian ! Very interesting series. never seen anything like this before !!!!

  14. Through Collette's eyes says:

    fascinating shot ian – great POV : )

  15. stuant63 says:

    Truly amazing scene. absolutely fascinating.

  16. Gary Shield says:

    Fascinating shots Ian. Hope you are well 🙂

  17. bazylek100 says:

    Well, this is a bit eerie shot. If I didn’t know the story and see your previous post from the cemetery, I’d think it had been taken from the inside of the grave 😉

  18. Dalesman2012 says:

    Very Clever Observation !!!

  19. crusader752 says:

    Clever and somehow macabre too Ian.
    Sorry – I was going to comment a while back but ‘life’ got in the way 🙂

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