8 comments on “Miscellany
  1. Mat says:

    Hi Paul like the new site nice to be able to see your pictures now flicker has been messed up !

    • Ian D B says:

      Lol, hi Mat it’s Ian here, but Paul does have his own blog as well, Military Aircraft Crash Sites.

      Yeah flickr has messed it all up for a lot of people but it is about time I did same as you and blogged all this.

      Hope all’s well. Going to take a look at your blog now, see if I can pinch any ideas…

      ; )

      Thanks for your visit.

  2. Mat says:

    Sorry that will teach me for having 2 blogs open on the tool bar ? that was meant to go on Paul’s and another one on here !

  3. Date please plane crashed on holly lodge playing fields Liverpool

  4. Ged Kelly says:

    Hi Ian, I can’t find your contact details to email pic.


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