Britain at War

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3 comments on “Britain at War
  1. Jill ballard says:

    Any information ever come to light about a german plane crashing into the lake at Narford Hall in Norfolk? My mother worked there and used to speak about the housekeeper cook going to see the young frightened pilot.
    Sadly l lost Mum last year and wish l knew more. Must have been 1942/3 as she was married and living elsewhere by 1945

    • Ian D B says:

      Hi Jill
      I don’t know of a German aircraft coming down at Narford Hall but an RAF Mosquito crashed there in 1945 with the loss of both crew.
      This link has more.

      There may well have been other crashes there or nearby. I’ll take a look at the German records and get back to you if I find anything.

      • Jill Ballard says:

        Thanks Ian for getting back.
        It strange its the same place. Mum told the story tgat a german plane came down in the lake andvone airman died but the other a young German was held by the housekeeper/cook who was later given an award. Who knows?
        Cheers Jill

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