HMS Gosling / RAF Croft

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RAF Croft / HMS Gosling

H.M.S. Gosling was a Fleet Air Arm Training Establishment during WWII. Seems this base was initially a ‘stone frigate’ but was later taken on by the RAF and used by USAF airmen at Burtonwood. This base was demolished in 2013. Entrance was on Lady Lane, Croft Near Warrington, Cheshire. Photos taken during a visit in 2011. Not to be confused with RAF Croft in North Yorkshire.

Demolition of Croft

4 comments on “HMS Gosling / RAF Croft
  1. Robert Bell says:

    I spent 4 very happy years in Croft twixt the ages of 10 till 14. My friends and I used to bike along a track by the side of the Noggin Inn to a WW2 building. Inside it was full of military vehicles.
    I lived on Chadwick Avenue which was on the Eaves Brow estate. When I was there the field next to our house had an ‘X’ shaped structure which I think was part of a firing range. Google Earth shows that it and 2 wooden sheds have gone.
    I remember an old prefab on Lady Lane going up in smoke. It lay to the right of the track leading to the huts.
    Unfortunately I know very little of the history of this area. Was my home built on part of RAF Croft? If not where was it?
    We also used to get chased around an old base out behind the UKAEA place at Risley. Was this Gosling?
    If anyone can help, please get in touch.

  2. Andy says:

    Hi, i am also looking for information on what my grandad used to call the ‘Range’ people nowadays refer to it as the battlefields and it is opposite the christ church on Lady lane. My great great grandad bought this from the military in or around the 50’s but we have no paperwork to back this up. any info or memories would be welcome.

  3. Cheyvonne Bower says:

    I have a photo which may help you. From a book called ‘Croft The History of a Village’. If you email me I will send it to you.

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