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France at war

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View page for USN PB4Y-1 63934 here

Sidney Road, Bootle, Liverpool.

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Post War Crash Sites

The Cold War and beyond. Military crash sites, RAF and USAF 1946 to present.


Superfortress RB-29 44-61999 ‘Over-Exposed!’ air crash site on Bleaklow – photos, history, directions and grid references.

RB29 Superfortress air crash site at Higher Shelf Stones on Bleaklow in the Dark Peak. History (scroll down for directions) The Superfortress took off on the morning of 3 November 1948, at around 10.15 from Scampton, Lincolnshire for Burtonwood USAF

RAF Crash Sites 1942 – 1945

RAF Air Crash Sites 1939 – 1942


Britain at War

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