Sabre Mk2 19234

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Sabre Mk2 19234, Black Hill

Black Hill. Holme Moss TV mast beyond.
Peak District National Park.
RCAF Sabre jet crashed 14th December 1954 while on a test flight from Ringway (Manchester Airport) where the aircraft was being re-conditioned.
Canadian pilot Patrick Robinson was killed.

7 comments on “Sabre Mk2 19234
  1. Tech Owl says:

    Beautiful blues – Iooking at the range of ‘wreck’ shots, I am surprised how they add into the atmosphere of the shot. Lovely job

  2. Smash. says:

    Vary nice shot love the color’s & great exposure and composition added into the mix.

  3. pasujoba says:

    This is a great shot Ian , The sky is superb with the refletion in the pool.

  4. kevinkpc says:

    Nice capture, like the composition of this shot………………..its amazing how quickly the conditions change i was up there a couple of weeks before and the place was white out and frozen 🙂

  5. cgullz says:

    i have a thing about water. water and tunnels. both make me shudder. the perspective here: does exactly that. i actually feel like my diaphragm is compressing due stress. next pic ..

  6. Charles Arthur Mellon says:

    I was stationed at RAF Church Fenton when the RCAF Sabre jet crashed close to the Holme Moss television relay station, I and several of my colleagues were detailed to guard the wreckage,(sadly the Canadian pilot was killed).We were billeted in the cellar area of the relay station,and organised ourselves into shifts to guard the wreckage of the crashed jet,it was spread over quite large area.I was quite surprised to see a number of sightseers visiting the wreckage because the surrounding area was covered in quite deep snow.The journey from the relay station to the crash site was time consuming,made more difficult by the deep snow. I seem to remember that we were there for several days before we returned to Church Fenton. I worked in the orderly room of Church Fenton and recall some very happy occasions with my national service colleagues but the CRASH remain a sad memory (then AC 1 Mellon)

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